DA Bragg sued by Bodega clerk he wrongly charged with murder for defending himself

A Soros-backed DA found himself on the receiving end of the justice system as a former bodega clerk doubly victimized by leftist polices filed suit for racial […]

House Republicans come up with ‘CLEAN’ stopgap bill for new vote with no Ukraine aid

Republicans are cheering after the White House warned Friday that GOP legislation would destroy thousands of government jobs. The only problem is that the GOP legislation has […]

Hunter Biden’s daughter lived at White House with Grandpa Joe while representing government of Peru

Hunter isn’t the only Biden family member — aside from the president, that is — who is involved in international relations. Hunter’s eldest daughter, Naomi, who was […]

Judge terminates Michael Oher’s conservatorship; says she can’t believe Tuohy’s got away with it

A Tennessee judge ruled on former NFL player Michael Oher’s conservatorship but the legal case remained open as she expressed, “I cannot believe it got done.” (Video: […]

Mexico’s President blasts US for giving OUR MONEY to Ukraine, not ponying up OUR MONEY for Latin America

The Mexican president pined over the gravy train to Ukraine as he chided U.S. diplomats over supporting the Eastern European nation with some Western Hemisphere handout suggestions. […]

DeSantis accuses state GOP of trying to ‘basically rig’ state primary for Trump

Supporters of former President Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis are at odds over a California Republican Party rules change that, according to the DeSantis camp, […]

Government’s obsession with diversity screeches high-speed rail to a halt

Over in England, the costs for building a high-speed railway keep increasing because it turns out they’re as obsessed with “diversity” as Americans,according to writer Guy […]

‘I wanted to be white’: ‘Bling-Ring’ leader who broke into celebs homes spills all in new documentary

Rachel Lee, the alleged “ringleader” of the infamous Bling Ring gang, says she was driven in part by an intense self-hatred and desire to be white and […]

Daily Mail embeds with Africans taking daily flight on the ‘BIDEN EXPRESS’ to US Southern border

African migrants are reportedly flying to South America so they may enter the United States through its porous southern border, according to a Daily Mail investigation. For […]

Another classic Disney tale about to be destroyed; Bambi faces woke overhaul

Another classic cartoon character is set to be overhauled to fit the modern “we” times with the tale of Disney’s bed deer Bambi next up on the […]

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