AOC in San Antonio: Turning Texas blue ‘inevitable… and we’re going to unionize the hell out this state’

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The Squad’s head cheerleader, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), made a campaign stop in Texas, Saturday, and declared that turning the Lone Star State blue was “inevitable.”

AOC was in San Antonio to lend her support to two candidates, Jessica Cisneros, who is running for Congress in District 28,  and former Austin City Council member, Greg Casar, who is hoping to take District 35.

“Here’s what’s exciting about Jessica’s race and Greg’s race… is that if we flip Texas, we flip the country,” Ocasio-Cortez said.


And with 38 electoral college votes, she isn’t entirely wrong.

Leading up to the 2020 elections, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) predicted it would be a close race and warned of dire consequences should Texas go blue.

At a September 2019 Christian Science Monitor breakfast, Cruz said, “The far left is pissed off. They hate the president, and that is a powerful motivator. If the left shows up in massive numbers and everybody else doesn’t, that’s how we end up with an incredibly damaging election.”

“If we lose Texas, it’s game over,” Cruz stated. “I don’t believe Texas will turn blue, but central to that is, we’re going to have to work to communicate and turn people out.”

Donald Trump ultimately took Texas with 52.1% of the votes, but Biden’s 46.5% was enough to rattle the GOP.

As a result, the RNC honed in on Texas’s Hispanic communities with investments that included the opening of mostly non-political community outreach centers.

In an interview with Fox News Digital, the Republican National Committee’s Texas communications director, Macarena Martinez, stated that the investments in the state marks the largest in the history of the organization.

“During the 2020 election, we saw certain districts in South Texas as having a promising future for the GOP as we began to see a lot of Mexican-Americans, as well as in other states with Cuban-Americans and Colombian-Americans,” Martinez said.

“But here in Texas, we saw a huge shift to the GOP During President Trump’s second presidential election, given his stance on immigration, given his stance on the border wall, backing the Blue, supporting law and order,” she continued, noting that Biden’s Green energy policies don’t sit well in South Texas, where many are employed by oil and gas companies.

“Texas turning blue is inevitable,” AOC insisted in San Antonio. “The only question is when. We are going to fight for a living wage, we are going to make sure we unionize the hell out of this state… and we’re going to make sure that not one dime is made exploitatively across any worker, especially the undocumented.”

Not everyone in the Lone Star State — or on Twitter — are buying what AOC is selling.

“AOC going to Texas to support a socialist candidate is the funniest thing ever,” tweeted one user. “We really need to vote out every single socialist in politics.”

“God keep AOC out of Texas,” prayed another.

And former Bob Dole campaign consultant Dave Carney tweeted, “Amazingly, 2AOC knows less about TX then [sic] she does about economics! Warning to all Texans the hard progressive left has TX in their sights!”

But AOC’s Texas travels are not yet done. Sunday, she is heading to Austin to shake her pom-poms for the Green New Deal.

It won’t be an easy pitch for the New York representative.

As political columnist Joe Concha points out, Biden’s approval numbers in Texas are at a dismal 29%, and Beto, who is challenging Abbott for the Governor’s mansion, is trailing in his quest by double-digits.

Melissa Fine


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