Ted Cruz invokes Obama to blast Biden’s ‘legally frivolous’ behavior

With negotiations over the debt ceiling seemingly at an impasse as President Joe Biden has indicated that he’s ready to pull the trigger on the 14th Amendment, […]

‘Human error’ turns every registered voter in GOP-leaning NY county into a Dem: ‘They’re quite upset’

More than 500,000 registered voters in Nassau County, New York, discovered that, despite their decision to declare themselves a Republican or a member of another party, the […]

NAACP claims Florida is ‘hostile’ to black Americans; Team DeSantis shares embarrassing photo

The latest political stunt against Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis may well have failed in its infancy after a publicly available photo refuted the NAACP’s position that the […]

Trump says Democrats will be ‘working overtime’ on ‘treasonous quest’ against him due to strong polling

Former President Donald J. Trump predicted that the legal witch hunt that is being conducted against him won’t end for as long as he remains a political […]

Education sec. triggers tsunami of backlash by saying teachers, not parents, ‘know what is best for their kids’

Biden administration Education Secretary Miguel Cardona triggered a whirlwind of backlash Friday when he tweeted that teachers — and thus not parents — know what’s best for […]

Lawmaker shares shocking video of overcrowded border facility; Kamala responds as more migrants are bused to her house

The Biden regime and its compliant media toadies have spent the days since the end of Title 42 gaslighting the American public that the humanitarian catastrophe at […]

‘Border czar’ Kamala Harris says crisis ‘going rather smoothly’ but it’s not even her responsibility

While tens of thousands of illegal migrants move on the U.S. border with Mexico following the end of Title 42, the pandemic-era policy that kept asylum-seekers out, […]

Biden railed against ‘cancer’ of corruption in Romania, then took $1M from convicted Romanian tycoon: report

The tangled web of professional influence peddling surrounding President Joe Biden is beginning to unravel as details about payments to the then-vice president’s family from foreign nationals […]

Cuomo comeback? Disgraced former governor bashes ‘far-left policies’ destroying big cities

Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has crawled out of his hole to bash leftist Democratic policies on crime, fueling speculation he may be considering a political […]

Stephanopoulos distraught over ‘brutal’ new poll showing Trump would clean Biden’s clock in 2024

Shock and dread gripped establishment media after a stunning new poll indicated that it may not be smooth sailing for President Joe Biden as he seeks a […]

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