As midterms approach, guess which side is suddenly worried about voting machine data breaches?

There was nothing wrong with the 2020 presidential elections, obviously (and if you think that there was, you’re probably a domestic terrorist), but the big lies spread about the integrity of 2020 along with recent data breaches of those totally reliable voting machines have the liberal media concerned that “rogue” election workers who support former President Donald Trump could make fraud a real issue in the upcoming midterm elections.

This is the absurd position currently being peddled by the Associated Press, which appears to be setting up a very convenient narrative to counter what many expect will be a Red Wave in November.

“Sensitive voting system passwords posted online. Copies of confidential voting software available for download. Ballot-counting machines inspected by people not supposed to have access,” the AP begins ominously.

It then tells you that, sure, those things happened, but don’t worry about them, because, “election officials already assume hostile foreign governments might have the sensitive data, and so they take precautions to protect their voting systems.”

What is really worrisome, the AP insists, is the threat from conspiracy theorists who are too stupid to know they’ve been lied to but are totally smart enough to exploit the breaches for their own nefarious ends.

“The more immediate concern is the possibility that rogue election workers, including those sympathetic to lies about the 2020 presidential election, might use their access to election equipment and the knowledge gained through the breaches to launch an attack from within,” the AP explains. “That could be intended to gain an advantage for their desired candidate or party, or to introduce system problems that would sow further distrust in the election results.”

You don’t need to worry about thousands of “mules” or dead voters, what you need to watch out for are deep fake videos from the so-called idiots who believe Joe Biden didn’t actually earn 81 million votes while sitting in his basement.

Voting security “expert” Harri Hursti claims the leaked voting equipment data and software could lead to video claims from someone pretending to have manipulated a voting system that might look very convincing to the average American, and if someone were to make such a thing and post it before or after Election Day, it could lead to pure pandemonium.

“If you have those rogue images, now you can start manufacturing false, compelling evidence — false evidence of wrongdoing that never happened,” he warned. “You can start creating very compelling imaginary evidence.”

So, to be clear: If you suggest that election workers were pulling fake ballots out of suitcases in the middle of the night or intentionally kicking ballots to adjudication in 2020, you are a threat to democracy and must be silenced, de-platformed, and closely watched. But if the Democrats get decimated in November, you should probably just assume that the very people who the same media has been telling us for years are uneducated, backward hicks have analyzed the technical vulnerabilities in the otherwise completely secure voting systems and attacked “from within.”

And even if you are presented with video evidence, don’t believe your lying eyes.

Got it.

As proof of their need to worry about “rogues,” the Associated Press points to Mike Lindell and accuses him of “peddling conspiracy theories about voting machines” all across the country.

This, the AP suggests, is why Lindell’s phone was seized by the FBI at a fast food restaurant.

“Lindell and others have been traveling the country over the past year, holding events where attendees are told that voting machines have been corrupted, that officials are ‘selected’ rather than elected and that widespread fraud cost Trump the 2020 election,” the AP writes.

The pillow guy has “rogue” written all over him.

And its rogues like Mike who will, if left unchecked, destroy the integrity of the midterm elections, according to former U.S. Justice Department lawyer David Becker.

“The people who have been attacking the integrity of elections,” he declared, “are destroying the actual integrity of elections.”


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