Twitter Files uncover plan to ban Trump while allowing world dictators to call for mass murder

The fifth installment of the “ Files” dropped Monday and, as journalist Bari Weiss concluded detailing how the platform permanently banned then-President Donald Trump despite numerous objectives […]

UK Civil Service to only allow alcohol-free ‘festive celebrations’ not ‘explicitly linked to Christmas’

Progressives everywhere may yet scoff in derision at the very notion of a war on Christmas but, just like critical race theory and Drag Queen Story Hour, […]

Kirk Cameron says he’s ‘prepared to assert my rights’ to host faith-based ‘story hours’ in public libraries

Highlighting the importance for conservatives to take action against the advancement and promotion of progressive ideology in American culture, actor, writer and producer Kirk Cameron pushed back […]

New LA mayor says ‘first act’ is to declare emergency to deal with over 40K homeless people

During an inaugural address that spe to Democrats’ thirst for centralized power than a desire to address voter concerns, Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass (D) promised […]

Judge gives green light to lawsuit from Virginia Tech soccer player benched for refusing to kneel

More than two years after a Virginia Tech (VT) soccer player alleged her coach retaliated against her for opposing an on-field Black Lives Matter demonstration, a federal […]

Second journalist dies suddenly covering FIFA World Cup in Qatar

The unexpected death of American soccer journalist Grant Wahl has raised varied concerns surrounding the cause, all of which were only heightened the following day with the […]

Tapper asks Sinema: ‘Dems just don’t take border security seriously – they just don’t.’ Do you agree?

Newly independent Arizona Sen. Krysten Sinema may be expected to continue caucusing with the Democrats, but that didn’t stop her from appearing to respond in earnest to […]

Trump says he turned down a deal with Russia to swap US Marine for Merchant of Death

Former President Donald Trump had to say Sunday about President Joe Biden’s “crazy and bad” trade of the Merchant of Death for a WNBA player, with […]

‘You mad bro?’ Alexander Vindman calls down the thunder when he compares Elon Musk to Goebbels

Retired Army Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman may not be the first person to compare billionaire Elon Musk to a Nazi and he likely won’t be the last, […]

Shaken R&B singer Patti LaBelle, 78, rushed off stage after ‘bomb threat’ at Milwaukee concert

Reports of an alleged bomb threat left Milwaukee concert-goers stunned the moment iconic singer Patti LaBelle was reluctantly rushed off stage: “Hold up. Wait!” The American R&B […]


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