Border Patrol union warns migrants pouring in from 10 ‘not normal’ countries amid growing chaos

Now-former Fox News host Tucker Carlson frequently placed the onus for what he saw as one of the greatest crimes in American history, the wide-open southern border, squarely on the shoulders of the Democratic Party and its pursuit of forever altering voter demographics in America.

Since President Biden took office 28 months ago, 6.3 million illegal immigrants have entered the United States, and while the corrupt agenda-driven media in America turns a blind eye to the mind-boggling figure, it shows that this is not organic migration as the left claims.

The word is out that the Biden administration welcomes any and all and the entire world is getting the message, as apathetic Americans give the free-for-all their tacit stamp of approval. The end result, as the National Border Patrol Council has noted, is “not normal.”

“BP agents are encountering large numbers of people from countries like: India China Brazil Turkey Uzbekistan Senegal Afghanistan Ethiopia Somalia Egypt. This is not normal,” tweeted the union representing border patrol agents.

Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz announced in March that the number of migrants crossing illegally into the United States was already nearing a million for FY 2023 and said agents have stopped migrants from 147 countries this year.

“So far, in FY23, U.S. Border Patrol apprehended 900,590 individuals from 147 countries,” he tweeted.

So yes, the world is coming to partake of the milk and honey that has provided for American families for 247 years — the question being is there a limit to the largess and why do the American people stand idly by during this invasion.

What the left doesn’t mention, while blasting such talk as racist and uncaring, is that the U.S. takes in more than a million LEGAL immigrants every year. The population in America has grown by 112 million people in the last 50 years, from 212 million to 334 million. It has more than doubled since 1950 when the population stood at 151 million.

And still, they come.

The NBPC has said the Biden administration “is not interested in securing the border” as it struggles to deal with the “massive influx of people encouraged to come here by the President.”

“As a result, one can only assume the President’s plan was to completely overwhelm the system and break it, but one must wonder if he actually intends to fix it,” the union said last year.

With Title 42, which allows for the rapid expulsion of migrants due to the COVID-19 pandemic, set to expire in a few days, chaos awaits.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection said in a March release that 71.4% of encounters at the southern border in February were single adults and that 46.8% of them were expelled under Title 42.

Here’s a sampling of what’s currently happening along the border, as seen on Twitter:

Tom Tillison


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