Canada, Trudeau vote to extend emergency powers: ‘This is what the collapse of democracy looks like’

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson opened Monday’s show with a focus on what he termed “the collapse of democracy” in Canada, showing repeated examples of police violating the civil liberties of Canadians for little more than supporting Freedom Convoy protesters who took a stand against vaccine mandates, with Ottawa police often resembling jack-booted thugs from another era.

Carlson opined that for many leaders of western democracies, the end of the coronavirus pandemic “is really the worst thing they can imagine,” explaining that “wielded unprecedented power” over their citizens and were “like a god,” deciding where people can work, shop and worship, when they can go outside and what they must wear, and even controlling what drugs they must put into their bodies.

Right on cue, with Ottawa streets now clear after many of the peaceful protesters were arrested and their vehicles impounded, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pushed to hold onto the extraordinary powers he obtained through the Emergencies Act, speaking about lingering threats from “dangerous and unlawful” protests on the capital.

“This state of emergency is not over,” Trudeau declared Monday, adding that “there continues to be real concerns about the coming days.”

With liberals in control of government, the Canadian House of Commons voted Monday evening to confirm the declaration of emergency powers in the Emergencies Act, which Trudeau invoked last week to crush the Freedom Convoy protest, voting 185-151 to keep the measures in place until mid-March, CTV News reported.

The network reported that “there were signs the government had decided to make it a confidence vote, meaning that if it failed, the minority Liberal government could have fallen, which would have triggered an election.”

In effect, politics took precedence as Trudeau made it clear earlier in the day that this was about backing government over the governed.

“I can’t imagine that anyone who votes ‘no’ tonight is doing anything other than indicating that they don’t trust the government to make incredibly momentous and important decisions at a very difficult time,” he said at a news conference.

Conservative Party Interim Leader Candice Bergen released a statement saying her party will continue to “fight this power grab by the Prime Minister and his government.”

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association said there  “is no legal justification for using the emergencies act” and that the “risk of abuse is high,” taking to Twitter to express its disappointment in the vote outcome:

Carlson stressed that when is comes to the pandemic, the “gig is up” and politicians know it.

“The virus that gave you these powers is in retreat. It’s no longer a public health emergency,” he said, speaking leaders like Trudeau. “The vaccine that you promised would be a panacea, didn’t work in the ways you pledged they would. They didn’t stop infection or transmission. Now you’ve done your best to hide that fact, but everybody knows it. So for you, the jig is up. The ball is over. It’s almost midnight. Just a few hours from now, you will once again be merely a scullery maid. You’ll be taking orders from your citizens rather than giving them and the thought of that sends you into a panic. ”

“What do you do next? How do you make this moment last forever? There’s only one way. You must find a new emergency that justifies making your powers permanent. If you’re going to remain god, you’re going to need the devil to fight,” Carlson continued. “So, if you’re wondering why so many western leaders suddenly are vilifying their own populations, people they were supposed to represent, this is why. Find an enemy, create a crisis, stay in power forever. It’s the oldest recipe for tyranny that there is. If we don’t recognize it in our own age, it’s only because nothing like this was supposed to happen in a democracy, but it is happening, most clearly in Canada.”

Stating that Trudeau “used a peaceful trucker strike to declare martial law,” the Fox News host pointed out that the Canadian leader treated the protester’s like “an invading army.”

“Trudeau seized control of the police. He shut down opposition media coverage. He declared himself the final arbiter of all financial transactions in the nation of Canada,” Carslon said. “These are dictatorial powers, but they were necessary, Trudeau explained, because this was an emergency. White supremacist and other sedition-minded forces, backed by foreign saboteurs (sound familiar?) threatened the very existence of Canada.”


Of the many abuses seen north of the border, Carlson highlighted a woman being roughed up by Ottawa police simply for being on a street in search of a cup of coffee, and a business owner being harassed for supporting the protesters. There was also the story of an elderly woman being trampled by a horse, with one officer actually calling the violent act “awesome,” and a truck driver being kneed repeatedly by police after he surrendered, kneeling in the street with his hands behind his head.

“So that kind of thing is happening all over the capital city of Canada. The virus is in retreat, but there’s a new crisis and that crisis is disobedience,” he said.

“The brutality is just one element of this crackdown,” Carlson added. “On Saturday, Ottawa’s new police chief promised to hunt down the regime’s enemies no matter where they are in coming months and ruin them financially.”

“This is what the collapse of democracy looks like. It’s not simply beating people in the streets. It’s making it impossible for them to live because you steal all their money. You award yourself the power to control every dollar in your country,” he said. “Where’s that power come from? Well, it’s a self-appointed power, that Justin Trudeau now has, and you prevent anyone from speaking out against you. So Trudeau is not just targeting people who parked their trucks in Ottawa, he’s crushing anyone who supports them.”

Carlson concluded his monologue by reminding viewers that the Biden administration encouraged all of this, adding, “‘Vladimir Putin is the tyrant,’ they tell us, ‘not Justin Trudeau.’ At this point it’s pretty clear that if you want to know the future they are planning for us in the United States, look north to Canada.


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