‘Non-citizen’ suspect named in death of Georgia nursing student; suspect’s brother arrested for fake green card

A suspect in the murder of 22-year-old Georgia nursing student Laken Riley has been taken into custody, the University of Georgia Police Department announced, and he is […]

Casey DeSantis extends warm welcome when legendary ‘Rocky’ actor and his wife announce moving plans

In a tweet posted Friday, Florida first lady Casey DeSantis welcomed legendary “Rocky” actor Sylvester Stallone to her state. “Welcome to the Free State of Florida!” she […]

Illegal immigrant from Honduras arrested in Virginia on child porn charges

The arrest of an illegal alien facing child pornography charges raised concerns over local jurisdictions impeding public safety. Drug smuggling, human trafficking and gang violence remained prominent […]

Megyn Kelly says only good to come from rising campus antisemitism is opening the eyes of Jewish people

Megyn Kelly suggested that if there is anything positive about the explosion of antisemitism on college campuses it’s that the eyes of Jewish people have been opened […]

Politico reporter doubles down after shock over people believing rights come from God goes viral

A reporter for Politico whose remarks about “Christian nationalists” and the belief that their rights “come from God” drew strong criticism isn’t backing down. During an appearance […]

Kid Rock accused of hypocrisy over new stance on Bud Light: ‘That’s why you shouldn’t care what a celeb thinks’

“There’s two kinds of beer in this world, cold and free,” Kid Rock told Joe Rogan on an episode of Rogan’s podcast that aired Thursday. “And I […]

Suspect in Colorado dorm slayings had reportedly threatened his roommate over chores, say court docs

Taking out the trash. That was one of the things murder suspect Nicholas Trevon Jordan, 25, argued about with his University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) roommate, […]

‘Gross’: Sex claim in new book discussing Biden’s marriage elicits visceral reaction

An excerpt from a forthcoming bo sparked strong reactions from social media users who were horrified to receive “too much information” about President Joe Biden’s sex life. […]

‘Who’s missing here?’ First lady display at DC’s Children’s National Hospital draws questions

A video making the rounds suggests, at best, that Melania Trump is not granted the same respect as other former first ladies. Then again, this was apparent […]

New docs show plagiarism charges against THIRD Harvard official ‘much more damning’ than university claimed

Yet another black woman in a position of authority at Harvard has been accused of plagiarism, and, according to journalist Chris Rufo, the details are “much […]


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