Portland Univ protesters rig the floor before police break in make arrests, find disgusting encampment

Police cleared out the Portland State University encampment, finding thousands of dollars of damage inflicted by the anti-Israel radicals and what appeared to be soap left on the floors so cops would slip and fall when they entered.

Pro-Palestinian protesters seized the Millar Library on Monday. Police did not breach the building until Thursday. After breaking through the barricade, they had to watch their footing because of the soap and that was just the opening act. There was graffiti sprayed on the walls and garbage everywhere.

The damage to the library was estimated to be in the tens of thousands of dollars or more. Glass displays were smashed, furniture was destroyed, the fire system was damaged, and paint was thrown on the floor.

Officers also found improvised weaponry that included ball bearings, paint balloons, spray bottles of ink, and armor, according to RedState.

“We want it all by any means necessary,” was scrawled on the walls along with other messages including their intent to keep doing these types of operations after school ends and to keep it going indefinitely.

According to RedState, theft is also suspected of rare archival material including a Dark Horse comic collection that was housed in the library. There is no word on the value of what was allegedly stolen yet.

As the police entered the encampment, a number of protesters ran out the front door. The police reportedly did not try and detain them at that point. In the end, 12 were arrested. Four of those are said to be students.

“Crowds of people, including some of those who had run out of the library, formed throughout the morning at several spots near the library, hurling expletives at officers. At Southwest 10th Avenue and Montgomery Street, about 100 people gathered, and some linked arms. Near the police vans, people yelled: ‘Let them go!'” Oregon Live! reported.

Protesters vowed police action would not end the demonstrations.

One person armed with a shield attacked the police. Another protester sprayed cops with a fire extinguisher. The mob also attempted to block a police van and pitched water bottles at them resulting in one officer being injured. Just before police were ready to storm the occupied building, 15 police cars were set on fire as well.

“The video shows two mask-clad protestors carrying shields made out of trash cans running directly toward a police officer as people cheered in the background. One of the protestors is then seen crashing into the official but ends up getting knocked down to the ground,” the Daily Mail reported.

After the police cleared the encampment, the radicals returned and tried to get it going again. Police returned and busted 18 more. Three were students, according to RedState.


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