FBI director Chris Wray worried about death threats on agents, increases security

After having raided former President Donald Trump’s home in an unprecedented, widely panned move that’s drawn the ire of even Democrat politician Andrew Cuomo, the FBI is now stunned that it’s become the target of furious rage.

“FBI agents, as well as U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Chris Wray, are experiencing an uptick in death threats in the wake of the raid at former President Trump’s residence at Mar-a-Lago in Florida,” Fox News confirmed Wednesday, citing unnamed insider sources.

“Authorities monitoring social media posts are spotting a significant increase in death threats aimed towards agents, Wray and Garland. These threats are reported to continue at a steady pace online. The FBI/DOJ security procedures are not made public, and both Garland and Wray travel with armed security. Still, Fox News is told there are discussions to potentially increase their security.”

However, many in the public, or at least those who lean right politically, seem less than sympathetic, in part because this is the same armed agency that’s done little to protect unarmed Supreme Court justices who’ve been facing similar threats.

(Source: Fox News)

“Far as I know, unlike the Supreme Court, the FBI and Justice department have a ton of ‘weapons of war’ at their disposal, highly trained firearm operators and should keenly be able to defend themselves,” the top-voted comment at Fox News reads.

The comment also slams this newfound focus on the well-being of FBI agents given the demonstrable lack of concern about everyday law enforcement officers.

“I’m definitely not going to threaten the FBI whether or not I feel they’re abusing their powers. I also don’t pick fights with MMA fighters or bouncers. Every cop in America has a target on his or her back right now, didn’t see much concern from DC about that. In fact the opposite is true, they’ve defunded and demoralized cops,” the comment continues.

Another top-voted comment focuses more-so on the injustice of the raid on Trump’s property and, more specifically, the shady way in which it was orchestrated.

“So Trump had offered to allow agents to come on site and go through anything they wanted, but apparently that was not enough. They need something, anything to keep him from being allowed to appear on presidential ballot again,” the comment reads.

“You take a historically unprecedented action, one that has never occurred in the history of this great nation, and now refuse to explain why and you can’t figure out why American patriots are furious?”

(Source: Fox News)

A third comment turns the tables on Attorney General Merrick Garland by citing his own words.

“The SCOTUS members who voted to overturn Roe v. Wade were being issued death threats. Their homes, their families became targets, and there was not a word from anyone in power about issuing them protection. I believe people like Garland said the people had a right to be angry. How the tables have turned,” the comment reads.

The left has, meanwhile, responded to the death threats against the FBI by blaming conservatives for committing the apparent crime of criticizing the FBI. This criticism is, according to the left, “fanning the flames.”

“Over on the cable news network, for instance, hosts and guests have spent the past two days describing the raid as a ‘partisan witch hunt,’ ‘Third World bullshit,’ an ‘abomination,’ and a ‘dark day for our republic.’ Former Trump adviser Steve Bannon claimed the FBI ‘right now, is the gestapo,’ i.e. the secret police of Nazi Germany,” a report from Vanity Fair magazine reads.

“Radio host Buck Sexton told Jesse Watters that the search ‘almost feels like a preemptive coup’ to stop Trump from running again, adding that ‘this is undermining our faith, not only in the peaceful transition of power, but in the executive arm of the government under an opposition party not to act like the Stasi, not to act like the secret police that we’ve seen in totalitarian regimes.'”

But it’s not just conservatives who’ve leveled criticism at the feds. So has even former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a staunch Democrat:

Yet for some reason, Cuomo wasn’t included in Vanity Fair’s report. Nor was liberal journalist Matt Taibbi, who has a Substack piece up titled, “Welcome to the Third World.” The piece also is about the FBI’s unprecedented raid.

“As of now, it’s impossible to say if Trump’s alleged offense was great, small, or in between. But this for sure is a huge story, and its hugeness extends in multiple directions, including the extraordinary political risk inherent in the decision to execute the raid,” the piece reads.

“If it backfires, if underlying this action there isn’t a very substantial there there, the Biden administration just took the world’s most reputable police force and turned it into the American version of the Tonton Macoute on national television. We may be looking at simultaneously the dumbest and most inadvertently destructive political gambit in the recent history of this country.”

Is he also “fanning the flames?” Or is it possible that the only ones genuinely responsible for threatening the FBI are the deviants making the threats?


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