Former ‘fixer’ Michael Cohen claims Trump will task SEAL Team Six with retribution

Former president Donald J. Trump’s disgraced ex-lawyer Michael Cohen served up another of the demented conspiracy theories that feed the paranoid fantasies of leftists, this time involving Seal Team Six.

The convicted felon and “serial liar” who has become a fixture in anti-Trump media made another of his regular appearances on CNN where he suggested that if elected, his former client would dispatch the elite military unit that took out terrorist fiend Osama bin Laden to do likewise to his critics.

During Friday’s edition of “CNN News Central” the man who the media has dubbed as Trump’s “fixer” didn’t disappoint with his flair for lurid hyperbole on full display during his chat with John Berman.

(Video: CNN)

Asked by the CNN anchor whether he believed that Trump’s soft-pedaling on his prior vow of “retribution” if he wins the election was sincere, Cohen predicted a brutal fate for the GOP frontrunner’s enemies.

“You obviously worked with Donald Trump for a long time, so I want your take on one of the things he is now trying, I think, perhaps to mitigate this notion out there, that he’s sort of been running on, that when, if, if he is elected president again, that it will be a period of retribution. Listen to what he’s saying now,” Berman said as he teed up a clip of Trump’s remarks during a Fox News town hall on Wednesday.

“I’m not going to have time for retribution. We’re going to make this country so successful again. I’m not going to have time for retribution. And remember this. Our ultimate retribution is success,” the former president said.

“What’s your view of that?” Berman asked.

“Uh, I hope that he’s telling the truth. Unfortunately, I know that he’s not,” Cohen responded.

“Donald is a very vindictive human being. Just take a look at some of the statements that he made. If you punch him, he wants to hit you back ten times harder. That’s who he is,” he added. “Now of course he won’t do it himself. He will just have SEAL Team Six do it.”

Cohen’s remarks are seemingly a reference to a hypothetical question by a Joe Biden-appointed federal judge during a hearing on presidential immunity last week.

“I asked you a yes-or-no question,” Judge Florence Pan asked John Sauer, a lawyer for Trump. “Could a president who ordered SEAL Team 6 to assassinate a political rival, who was not impeached, would he be subject to criminal prosecution?”

“If you want to know who Donald Trump is. Just listen to him,” Cohen added. “Just listen to what he’s saying. This in front of this Iowa audience. It’s an absolute lie. He is going to spend the next four years if, God forbid, he’s reelected, vindicating, retribution, causing chaos and destruction to the, to this country. The only person who will benefit will be Donald Trump and no one else.”

“I am your warrior, I am your justice. And for those who have been wronged and betrayed, I am your retribution,” Trump said during a speech at the CPAC convention in March 2023.

Chris Donaldson


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