Gad Saad spurs riveting convo: ‘I’m unsure the West can recover from its multifront civilizational suicide’

A popular social/political commentator started a lively discussion on X this Saturday over whether modern civilization is fated for self-destruction.

Evidently inspired by all the leftists cheering for Hamas, the tweets by commentator Gad Saad began with him admonishing his “progressive liberal Jewish friends and colleagues” for just NOW realizing that the left has a problem with extremism.

“A lot of my super progressive liberal Jewish friends and colleagues are suddenly waking up and saying: ‘Oh no, it seems that we have a problem on our hands. Wow, I did not know that the problem was so bad. Who could have known!?'” the tweets read.

“This is the problem with humans. They only respond when the issue personally affects them. Until then, people usually selfishly pursue the Ostrich Parasitic Syndrome strategy,” they continued.

But Saad, who was born in Beirut, Lebanon, to a Jewish family, was just getting started. In another tweet that boasted nearly 65,000 likes by Sunday morning, he wrote that, despite being “a very optimistic person,” he’s not certain Western civilization can be saved.

I am a very optimistic person; I am a fighter for Western values and liberties; I am a dogged defender of science, reason, and common sense. I must say though that I am unsure that the West can recover from its multifront civilizational suicide,” he wrote.

“Yes, I’ve talked about these issues for decades and wrote a book about it but the past few weeks have crystallized the extent to which the problem has become intractable. It will be a long and ultimately bloody demise and the West will be the first society in recorded history to fully self-implode due to its parasitic ideological rapture,” he added.

“It is a gargantuan Greek tragedy that will shape the future of humanity. This is not hyperbole. Your grandchildren will pay a very high price for your ‘progressive’ arrogance rooted in the pursuit of Unicornia that only exists in the recesses of deeply flawed parasitized minds,” he concluded.


Hours before posting the latter tweet, he sarcastically posted a tweet of pro-Hamas protesters rallying outside the Egyptian embassy in London in favor of a holy war.

Based on this particular tweet, it seems like his commentary was a reflection of the concern he feels about the Western left’s embrace of terroristic ideals.

Responding to Saad’s commentary, former evolutionary biology professor Bret Weinstein warned of what awaits folks if society does indeed self-destruct.

“The West is self-destructing and the implications are even worse than they initially sound. The world before the West evolved was barbaric—lineages constantly, violently displacing each other. But bloody as that mode was, humanity could plod along like that indefinitely. That is no longer the case,” he wrote.

Suicide of the West will not just return humanity to full time, all consuming barbarism, it will almost certainly end our species in short order. The technology at our disposal is simply too powerful for a world without a basic agreement to prefer peaceful competition over endless war and genocide,” he added.

Think nukes.

“Recognition of this stark but obvious fact, coupled with the dawning recognition that the West is too far gone to save, should radically narrow our focus. Everything depends on our reviving, recreating, resurrecting, rediscovering or reinventing the West—before we forget what it was,” Weinstein continued.

“Anything that doesn’t stave off disaster in the present, or contribute to that admittedly daunting objective, is a waste of effort for the foreseeable future,” he concluded.

See more thoughtful reactions to Saad’s post below:


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