‘He wasn’t wrong:’ JP Morgan Chase CEO defends Trump, warns Biden to stop slamming MAGA voters

President Joe Biden’s one-issue reelection campaign of demonizing GOP frontrunner Donald J. Trump and his supporters could backfire, at least that’s what Jamie Dimon seems to believe.

In remarks that could be the proverbial canary in the coal mine that Biden’s idea of equating his 2024 opponent to Adolf Hitler may not be the genius move that Democrats think it is, the JP Morgan Chase CEO defended the former president and MAGA Republicans in remarks during a CNBC interview.

Like many other heavy hitters, Dimon was at the World Economic Forum’s big shindig in Davos when he was interviewed on Wednesday’s edition of “Squawk Box” where he acknowledged that Trump was right about many major issues, daring to also suggest that Biden’s attacks on tens of millions of loyal Americans will come back to bite him.

“I wish the Democrats would think a little more carefully when they talk about MAGA,” Dimon said, adding, “When people say MAGA, they’re actually looking at people voting for Trump and they think they’re voting, and they’re basically scapegoating them, that you are like him, but I don’t think they’re voting for Trump because of his family values.”

“If you look, just take a step back, be honest, he was kind of right about NATO, kind of right about immigration. He grew the economy quite well, tax reform worked. He was right about some of China…,” the Wall Street giant said.

“I don’t like how he said things about Mexico… but he wasn’t wrong about these critical issues,” Dimon continued. “And that’s why they’re voting for him. And I think people should be a little more respectful of our fellow citizens and when you guys have people up here, you should always ask the ‘why.’ Not like it is a binary thing, you support Trump, you’re not supporting Trump. Why are you supporting Trump?”

“It’s hard to hate 75 million of your fellow Americans…,” CNBC’s Joe Kernen interjected.

“I agree, and you know, the Democrats have done a pretty good job with the ‘deplorables,’ hugging onto their Bibles and their beer and their guns. I mean, really?” Dimon said. “Could we just stop that stuff and actually grow up and treat other people respectfully and listen to them a little bit? I do think the economy will affect — I think this negative talk about MAGA is going to hurt Biden’s election campaign.”

The bank boss’s comments were cheered by X users who were heartened over the idea that the grown-ups may finally be coming back.

Dimon’s remarks come as another Davos attendee, Biden’s buffoonish climate czar John Kerry invoked the evil man with the strange mustache to push the battle against the alleged weather apocalypse, painting it as a sweeping effort not unlike World War II.

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Biden’s allies have gone all-in on the ‘Trump as Hitler’ propaganda campaign with the disgraced grifters at The Lincoln Project out with a new ad likening the former and perhaps future POTUS to Der Führer

The idea that Trump is the second coming of the murderous Nazi dictator is completely ridiculous but it’s not the discerning and rational voters that the campaign has been crafted to appeal to and it could spectacularly backfire.

Chris Donaldson


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