High-profile Republicans vie to lead House Homeland Security Committee, slam incompetent Mayorkas

As Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) told President Biden’s DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to resign or face impeachment, two high-profile Republicans slammed him for his incompetence in handling the border.

(Video Credit: Fox News)

Rep. Mark Green (R-Tenn.) and Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) delivered rival speeches at McCarthy’s press event held on Tuesday at the border as they compete to head the House Homeland Security Committee.

“President Biden, in his quest to change the landscape of America, has allowed in the past year — if you count got aways and encounters — 3.5 million people to illegally come into the United States,” Green, a former Army Ranger Infantry Officer who served three combat tours, asserted, blasting the Biden administration for its “disastrous open border policies.”

“There are 21 states in our nation whose population is less than 3.3 million. He’s allowing a moderate-sized state into the nation every year. The added cost and uncompensated healthcare, the massive demand on social services is destroying opportunities for less fortunate Americans,” he added.

“Texas is undergoing another invasion. All our border states need everything that we can give them. Joe Biden’s disastrous open border policies have turned operational control of the US southern border over to the drug cartels,” Green charged.

He noted that the cartels have “neutralize[d]” CBP by “forcing them to thin the line in remote areas and concentrate their forces and human crossing sites,” which result in the cartels being able to then “push waves of camouflaged carpet shoe-wearing mules across the remote areas of the border with backpacks filled with fentanyl.”

“Joe Biden has turned every state into a border state. [We need] To shine a light on the destruction to American families caused by the cartels poisoning drugs, to shine a light on the policy that is destroying our country by overwhelming communities like El Paso [or] Killeen, Texas where I lived for many years and Nashville where we now reside. It has to stop now,” Green declared.

Then he vowed that Republicans are going to investigate the border chaos now that they control the House.

“We assure the American people we will shine a light on this in the next few months,” he concluded.

Crenshaw, who calls Green a friend, is a former US Navy SEAL officer. He stated that the “citizens in El Paso could not sleep at night because Biden and his administration will not secure the border.”

“Across the river sits some of the most capable, best equipped, best-funded, and most ruthless and dangerous organizations in the world — the cartels. See this is more than an immigration crisis. It’s a national security crisis and they facilitate this crisis. And worse than that, they flood our country with deadly fentanyl that kills nearly 80,000 Americans a year. They are at war with us and we do nothing. Last week I introduced legislation to declare war on the cartels to give the government the tools needed to go after them and hunt them down and sanction anyone who aids and abets them. They don’t fear us, and that needs to change,” he remarked.

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) recently endorsed Green for the role, following Heritage Action as well as two former senior officials with the Department of Homeland Security under former President Trump, according to Politico.

Matt Schlapp, who is the head of CPAC, tweeted that he believes Green “should get the gavel on the House Committee of Homeland Security.”

The Tennessee Republican has also received support from former acting ICE director Tom Homan and former acting commissioner of US Customs and Border Protection Mark Morgan.

Both men called on Mayorkas to resign or the House will hold him accountable through impeachment.

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