‘I really admire Trump’: Iconic actor Dennis Quaid on successful Bronx rally

Hollywood actor Dennis Quaid was personally very impressed by former President Donald Trump’s visit last week to the South Bronx.

Appearing on Fox News’ “Jesse Watters Primetime” after the rally last Thursday, he expressed admiration and respect.

“I really admire Trump for going into the neighborhoods,” he said. “You know, people relate to that. They really do. If anything, all these events that have been conspiring against him have actually made him more human to people.”

“Donald Trump has been talking about cleaning house, which, you know, kind of making a clean sweep to start over. That doesn’t mean being a dictator. That just means that we started doing what the American people have asked us to do,” he added.


Quaid also noted that former President Ronald Reagan, whom he plays in the upcoming biopic “Reagan,” also once visited the South Bronx.

“In the summer of 1980, Ronald Reagan visited the South Bronx, where he criticized Jimmy Carter for neglecting urban revitalization efforts, likening the area to post-World War II London,” according to Fox News. “This visit preceded Reagan’s narrow victory in New York by nearly 3 percentage points in the 1980 general election.”

“Reagan then carried New York by a margin of 8 points in his 49-state landslide win in 1984. Since Reagan’s victories, no Republican president has won this traditionally Democratic stronghold during a general election,’ Fox News notes.

Quaid for his part described the 1980 visit to the South Bronx as “very significant.”

“It took guts to go there,” he said. “He could have wound up with egg on his face.”

Instead, he won the election. Moreover,  he was the first president whom Quaid ever voted for. Looking back, the actor described the former president as a “man of the people” and a “great communicator.”

To learn more about Reagan, just watch “Reagan” when it drops in August.

“It’s a really good movie that will remind us of how America used to be and what America can be,” Quaid said of the film. “You know, it’s… kind of a presentation of Reagan. He was a great human being, and I’m proud of the movie.”

Finally, when asked whether he spots any parallels between the 1980s and today, Quaid said he still believes in the Trump slogan, “Are you better off than you were four years ago?”

The answer for most people, of course, is a resounding no.

Dovetailing back to Trump’s South Bronx rally, it was a huge hit, with the crowd surpassing the 3,500 who were expected and reportedly reaching as high as 25,000 people.

By speaking in the Bronx, Trump became the first presidential nominee to campaign there since Reagan spoke there over 40 years ago.

Speaking with the Daily Mail, Bronx resident Muhammad Ali, 50, later revealed he used to think Trump was racist but then wised up.

“We need a patriotic president at the moment and I find Donald Trump more patriotic for the moment than Joe Biden,” he asserted.

Among the crowd were a large number of blacks and Hispanics — two minority groups that Biden and his fellow Democrats have been accused of taking for granted.

“I’m here tonight to declare we are going to turn New York City around, and we are going to turn it around very, very quickly,” the former president said as he took the stage at Crotona Park. “We are going to make New York bigger, better and greater than ever before.”

“Sadly, this is a city in decline. I’ve never seen it like this. We have filthy encampments of drugged-out homeless people living in our places where we spent so much time with our children that they used to play, lunatics killing innocent bystanders by pushing them on the railroad tracks,” he added.

To address these problems, he vowed to bring safety and prosperity back to the city.

“We are going to turn New York City around,” he said. “We’re going to bring safety back to our streets. We’re going to bring success back to our schools. We’re going to bring prosperity back to every neighborhood in every borough of the greatest city of our land.”

“We’re going to make New York bigger, better and more beautiful than ever before, and that includes right here in the Bronx and it’s going to be done and funded, starting on Jan. 20, directly from our great and beautiful White House,” he continued.

Vivek Saxena


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