Jill Biden introduces Kamala Harris as ‘the president’

Was Jill Biden really “joking” when she referred to Kamala Harris as “president”?

That is what the first lady contended with a laugh at the White House when she introduced the vice president at a Black History event on Monday.

“As many of, you know, our vice president’s historic path to the White House began before she could even walk, marching with her parents in the civil rights movement, or at least being pushed in a stroller since then, she has dedicated her life to pursuing justice,” Jill Biden said as a masked President Joe Biden sat in a chair nearby.

“And for all, she is a partner to Joe, especially on issues like voting rights and is proud to be the first but not the last,” she added.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the president of the…,” she began before catching herself and as the gathered audience laughed.

“The vice president of the, I just said that to make you laugh,” she claimed as her husband responded with a shrug.

“The vice president of the United States Kamala Harris,” the first lady concluded.

Joke or not, the moment just added to the long string of similar slips-of-the-tongue by the president himself who has accidentally referred to Harris this way.

In December 2020 before he had even assumed office, Biden referred to his running mate as “President-elect Harris” and did so again recently when he said, “Of course, President Harris is a proud Howard [University] alum” during commencement remarks in December at South Carolina State University in Orangeburg, South Carolina.

With the nation facing multiple crises on many fronts and Joe Biden failing at handling them successfully, the gaffes just seem to drive home questions about who really is in charge at the White House.

Frieda Powers


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