Jim Jordan smacks down Dem demanding notes from convos with ‘dozens of whistleblowers’

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) put Rep. Dan Goldman (D-N.Y.) in his seat after he demanded that the Republican hand over conversation notes from “dozens of whistleblowers” who have come forward to accuse the federal government of targeting conservatives.

(Video Credit: C-SPAN3)

Jordan is unlikely to hand over any notes from the whistleblowers until they testify to protect their identities. However, as they are deposed or their interviews are transcribed, their testimony is on record and ostensibly available to Democrats such as Goldman if he bothers to show up for them.

Republicans are digging into the Biden administration and federal agencies that have gone on a political witchhunt against former President Trump, cooking up a fake Russia collusion hoax in an attempt to smear and persecute him.

Distrust is rampant against the FBI and the current regime after the “Twitter Files” alleged that intelligence agencies have been “weaponized” under President Biden against conservatives.

On Tuesday, the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government held a hearing on the matter. Goldman wanted to know why the statements from the whistleblowers had not been made available to Democratic members of the committee before the hearing.

“Mr. Chairman, can I have a point of order? There’s been a lot of mention of information and testimony that you all have received from whistleblowers. When are you planning on providing that to the minority?” Goldman asked right out the gate.

“You could have been – for the very first deposition or, excuse me, transcribed interview of the whistleblower. I was there when he testified on Tuesday,” Jordan replied.

Goldman proceeded to play dumb and instead insisted that the original interviews with the whistleblowers should be given to Democrats, effectively outing the whistleblowers.

“Ok, that’s fine. I assume you’ll turn those over. But what about – you talk about dozens of whistleblowers. When are we gonna get that information?” he asked.

“When they testify. When we work with – I’ll work with the ranking member on that,” Jordan explained to the freshman Democrat.

“You don’t have any transcriptions of their interviews?” he again asked, still not getting the chairman’s previous statement.

“We have the first ones and we have the dozens who’ve come and talked to our office,” Jordan responded.

Goldman continued to bulldog Jordan, attempting to get him to cave to handing over those confidential conversations.

“They talked to your office privately?” Goldman asked.

“They talk to Republican staff, right?” Jordan replied.

“And they’re not transcribed? No notes, no nothing?” Goldman continued.

“First one happened Tuesday…” Jordan began repeating himself.

“No, I’m not talking about the first one,” Goldman interjected.

The firebrand conservative went on to reiterate to the Democrat when the whistleblowers would be testifying.

“First one happened Tuesday. The next one happens tomorrow, the third one happens next Wednesday, and we’ll continue to do that,” Jordan asserted.

“You just said dozens. Do you have notes from those? Or are they just talking to your staff?” Goldman repeated.

“Mr. Chairman, isn’t that how whistleblowers typically work?” an unidentified committee member asked.

“Well, it’s how they’re supposed to work. It’s not how they work in the impeachment that Mr. Goldman was a part of when Mr. Schiff said he didn’t have contact with the whistleblower…” Jordan replied.

“Actually, it worked exactly appropriately until Mr. Trump would not allow…” Goldman started, attempting to bring Trump into the mix and then getting smacked for it by Jordan.

“We’re doing it the way we’re supposed to do it, Mr. Goldman,” the chairman tersely informed the Democrat.

Goldman then proceeded to demand that the notes be turned over to the Democrats.

“No, you’re supposed to turn it over to the minority,” Goldman contended.

“When they come and testify, you’ll have access to the transcript like everyone on the committee will,” Jordan informed Goldman, making it crystal clear.

That wasn’t good enough for Goldman who went on to accuse Jordan of not being transparent.

“You mean your staff is not gonna turn it over to our staff? We’re just in the dark?” the Democrat stated.

“No, when the transcript is done, you’ll get the transcript,” Jordan responded.

“I mean the dozens of whistleblowers you have already talked to that came to talk to your staff,” Goldman reiterated.

“What do you want me to turn over there?” Jordan asked.

“Their names?” an unidentified member also asked.

“Their names?” Goldman queried. “Notes, did anyone take notes?”

Jordan put the issue to bed, clearly irritated with Goldman at that point.

“I’ll be happy to talk with the ranking member on how we handle that information.”

“Thank you,” Goldman said.

“All I’m telling you is we will schedule each for a deposition and we are doing that. You didn’t show up for the first one, but you could have been there,” Jordan said, chastising the congressman who claimed he was not aware of the depositions.

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