Joe Rogan’s scorching take on Jean-Pierre’s ‘gaslighting’: ‘F**king everybody hates you’

Joe Rogan, dressed in his Halloween costume, offered a scorching take on White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre for all the “incredible gaslighting” coming from President Biden’s spokesperson.

Rogan was interviewing comedian Duncan Trussell by candlelight, resulting in spooky shadows, when he compared Jean-Pierre to a lawyer who knows their client is guilty, saying that “poor lady” has the “f***ing worst job.”

“If you’re a lawyer, your job is not to make a judgment in your head. ‘I think maybe this guy’s lying and maybe he did it.’ Your judgment is to try to get your client off. And that’s why a lot of defense attorneys, man, that’s a slippery f***ing weird world to be in,” Rogan said. “Well, don’t you think it’s the same way in the government? If you’re that poor lady who’s the White House press secretary? It’s the f**king worst job. It’s the worst job.”

“You get all the hate of the president and none of the power,” he continued. “Like f**king everybody hates you.”

Trussell chimed in to say the person in that role is like a “punching bag” who “has to absorb that everyday day.”

“And you’re under like, extreme stress. You’re a person — like no one knows who you are. All of a sudden you have to speak publicly for the country. That is such an insane role,” Rogan said. “And to be young, like this lady who’s doing it now, like, how old is she? 30 something?”

Upon being told that Jean-Pierre is 48, Rogan replied, “She looks great. God d*mn. I always thought she was like 33. She’s healthy as f**k.”

The popular podcast host pointed to the recent incident at the White House where the soon-to-be 80-year-old, cognitively challenged president asked for deceased Indiana Congresswoman Jackie Walorski — Jean-Pierre tried to excuse Biden’s embarrassing flub by saying the late Republican lawmaker was “top of mind.”

“’Top of mind. She was top of mind.’ I mean, it was really like the — it was like for what she had to work with, it was some incredible gaslighting,” Rogan said. “Top of mind’s a good one because it’s nonsense.”

“Amazing,” Trussell said, “because you’re sitting there thinking what does ‘top of mind’ mean?”

The comedian explained that the term served as a brilliant distraction and suggested that Jean-Pierre had outside help in coming up with the defense.

“I think that exactly is probably what happens,” Rogan agreed. “There’s probably some consultation on what’s the best phrasing … So that’s her job, just like a defense attorney. It’s their job to try to get their client off. That’s her job.”

Tom Tillison


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