Jordan: ‘We definitely are’ investigating Fauci, lab leak theory if GOP wins back House in mid-terms

U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, the ranking member of the House Oversight Committee, made it clear Sunday that if the Republican Party takes control of the House on Representatives in the mid-term elections, Dr. Anthony Fauci can expect to be called to answer for his actions.

When asked on Sunday by Fox News host Maria Bartiromo if he was going to “investigate Anthony Fauci should you take the control in the majority of the House,” Jordan steadfastly responded, “Yes, Yes, we definitely are.”

Jordan’s remarks came on the heels of a recent report that revealed top U.S. and British scientists reportedly thought that SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, likely escaped from a laboratory in Wuhan, China, but were hesitant to let the debate play out in the media, citing concerns about “international harmony.”

“If the American people put us back in charge, we are definitely going to do this because we now know without a doubt that Dr. Fauci knew on Jan. 31 and Feb. 1 that this thing came from a lab,” Jordan claimed. “The top scientists in the country were saying it came from a lab. One scientist says— we got the notes now from the conference call on February 1st—one scientist says, ‘I don’t see how this can happen in nature, but it would be easy to do in a lab.’

“And yet,” Jordon continued, “just in a matter of days, they changed their position, write the article that appears in Nature of Medicine Magazine, which then gets cited in the now famous letter in The Lancet, which became the gospel for the fact that Fauci can go out and tell people it didn’t come from a lab when in fact they knew it did.”

“The interesting thing,” Jordon noted, “is… of the two doctors who were most adamant that this thing came from a lab early on: one is Dr. Kristian Anderson. On Jan. 31, 2020, he says this to Dr. Fauci in an email: ‘Virus looks engineered. Virus not consistent with evolutionary theory.’ So, he knew it came from a lab, but they changed their position, and, a few months later, guess what? They get an $8.9 million grant. Both him and Dr. Garry, the guy who said it couldn’t happen naturally. They change their position and get an $8.9 million grant from Dr. Fauci.”

When asked if this was a payoff from Fauci, Jordon responded, “We don’t know for sure, but all I know is that the fact pattern seems to suggest that very point. I mean, they say it comes from a lab. That’s where the evidence points. It suddenly changes. They switch 180 degrees. [They] write the article. Dr, Fauci then uses that article to go out and tell the country, the American people—frankly, the world—‘No, no, no. It didn’t come from a lab.’ So, the big takeaway I have, Maria, is this is the pattern we see from the Biden administration, from the Left. This is the template they use.”

On why the Biden administration continues to mislead the American people regarding COVID-19, Jordon had this to say: “It’s about power and control. It’s certainly not about the science. It’s certainly not about the truth. It’s certainly not about the facts. It’s about power and control, and it’s just one more thing that they have done wrong.”

“Frankly, I don’t know that they’ve done anything right,” Jordon added.

Regarding Biden’s apparent refusal to discuss the origins of the virus with Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping, Jordon called it, “just another example of how weak this administration is.”

“Contrast it to President Trump,” Jordon said. “President Trump was the first president to truly stand up to China, to take the fight to China and say, ‘we’re not going to tolerate all the things you are doing in international trade. We’re going to stand up and project strength from the Oval Office.’ Now we have Joe Biden, where we get masks from China.”

“There is weakness now being projected from the Oval Office, and it’s, frankly, dangerous,” Jordon concluded. “It’s not good for the country.”

Melissa Fine


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