MSNBC guest pulls out all the victim cards on critics of Biden’s age: ‘Ask African Americans’ and ‘women’

There is no way for leftists to dance around the fact that President Joe Biden’s advanced age is a major problem for the Democratic Party’s ability to keep the White House locked down for another four years, and gaslighting operations are fully underway after the deeply unpopular octogenarian formally announced that is running for a second term earlier this week.

With Biden’s ratings still in the tank and a recent NBC News poll showing that a stunning 70 percent of Americans don’t want to see him run again with nearly half citing his age as a reason, the administration’s winged monkeys have their work cut out for them and one MSNBC guest emptied the deck of victim cards to explain away the very legitimate questions about the geriatric career politician’s age as just more of the same discrimination that has been inflicted upon other demographics.

(Video: MSNBC)

On Friday’s edition of “The Beat With Ari Melber,” left-wing Democrat strategist Chai Komanduri, who has worked for the DNC as well on the campaigns of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, strongly suggested that those who express concerns over Biden’s age are just bigots who are cut from the same cloth as those who have historically persecuted minorities.

“Do you think that there is a real problem for Biden with this many people saying they want something else?” Melber asked. “Or does it sort of cancel out because as I pointed out, we’re in this funny time where they feel that about both candidates and Trump has other larger problems?”

Komanduri responded, “Biden I think encapsulates it best with his slogan when he says, ‘Don’t compare me to the almighty, compare me to the alternative.’ That’s what this election will be about. I don’t think there’s a slogan by a presidential candidate that has better encapsulated the reasons why you would pull the lever for him.”

“Joe Biden, yes,” he continued, “Let’s talk about it honestly, ok? He is old. Age is an issue, Ageism is an issue. Americans have a rich history of holding people’s physical characteristics against them.”

“You can ask African Americans, you can ask women,” he added, throwing down the race and gender cards that have so successfully served his party when it comes to pushing the buttons of gullible voters. “That is a fact. That is a problem. That is something that we are definitely going to have to fight on and something Democrats are definitely going to have to address head on.

“I think Joe Biden has definitely done that,” he said.

“He has a record to run on. He has a record of accomplishment. He has a record that can contrast with Donald Trump and where Donald Trump is going to take the country,” he added, prematurely awarding the former president with the 2024 GOP nomination before the primaries have even started.

Melber then jumped back in, “I think it’s funny you mention the age thing that way, that you can put it in the context of other discrimination like ageism, and yet yes, like Reagan, Biden’s going to be upfront about it. He’s spoken about it. It does make for what could be a very interesting period of time,” a rare mention of the iconic Republican president in a non-derogatory manner by a Democratic Party mouthpiece.

Biden’s age is definitely an issue, that is evident by the amount of propaganda that has already been pumped out since he declared his reelection campaign and the DNC has refused to allow debates between the incumbent – who would be 86 years old by the end of a second term – and his younger and more lucid Democrat opponents, including Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

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