Nancy Mace details how former staffers allegedly ‘sabotaged’ her office, spied on her, and mismanaged funds

U.S. Rep. Nancy Mace is calling out her former staffers for allegedly spying on her, sabotaging her office, and mismanaging nearly $1 million.

The South Carolina Republican spoke with Daily Mail about “a massive invasion of my privacy” even as former aides alleged Mace is “clearly unwell” and hopefully “gets help.”

Nine staffers from Mace’s Washington, D.C. office either quit or were fired during a three-month period as she fired her chief of staff Dan Hanlon and had deputy chief of staff, Richard Chalkey, and legislative director, Randal Meyer turn in their resignations.

“I knew that they were sabotaging the office for a while. I didn’t know to the extent that they were doing it,” she told Daily Mail in an interview that the outlet says was conducted “at her Capitol Hill home, the one at the center of a dispute between her and her ex-fiancé.”

“They were signing my name on documents they didn’t have permission to do – one of them submerged their electronic devices under water so we couldn’t access their files. They deleted files, some of them deleted files off our server, so there’d be no documentation for the new staff that were coming in,” she added in the shocking interview, noting that new staff is still dealing with the damage.

“We had another former staffer that would leak the names of the new employees we were hiring so that negative stories could be written about them,” she told the outlet. “We even had interns quit because old staff threatened the interns, threatened that they would never get a job on the hill if they worked in my office.”

The mother of two recounted how one staffer allegedly tracked her for nine months after hacking her devices.

“Literally, they could see where I was at all times. They could see my kids’ calendars, my doctors’ appointments, my medical information,” she said. “The stories I have from some of my former staff are horrific, and were a massive invasion of my privacy.”

Mace then addressed the financial mismanagement of the former staffers.

“We’re finding thousands of dollars in bills they didn’t pay,” she explained. “Paperwork that didn’t get filed that was supposed to.”

In what amounts to nearly $1 million left on the table, Mace said it was “$400,000 in 2022 and close to half a million in 2023.”

“It’s our job to manage our office, be fiscally responsible, but to use everything we have to communicate our constituent services,” Mace said.

Departing staffers trashed the congresswoman, leaving the office and her reputation in disarray. But former aides have alleged they worked in a “toxic” environment.

“The swamp has truly gotten to Nancy Mace. A ‘fiscally conservative’ congresswoman is upset that staff saved her constituents money?” a source told Daily Mail.

“I guess she never understood that the office budget is not a personal bank account. Ask her mentor, Senator Paul. Every year he sends unspent funds back to the Treasury to pay down the debt. Rep. Mace would rather spend tax money on vanity mail pieces than return a dime back to the American people,” the unnamed source added.

Two former staffers countered Mace’s claims and fired back at her allegations.

“She had a personal calendar, a political calendar, and official calendar. All three of those calendars were managed and shared with senior staff so that we could go about the daily operations. No one hacked her accounts. She set them all up,” they told Daily Mail. “She routinely would try to revoke access, be like ‘you can no longer see my calendar’ for a couple of weeks. And you know what, we couldn’t do our jobs.”

Another former aide told the outlet it “seems to be stemming from paranoia and trust issues.”

“She’s clearly unwell and I hope she gets help,” the former staffer said. “Everything the staff had access to was granted by her.”

According to Daily Mail:

The former aide claimed that the ‘submerged device’ allegation stemmed from a staff member who dropped water on their computer and took it to the tech team. ‘This wasn’t espionage or something.’

As for signing her name without her permission, ‘she’s talking about the run-of-the-mill, every office has hand stamp of a member. This is a stamp that she had directed our team to use for clerical tasks that she didn’t want to be bothered with.’

After former chief Dan Hanlon left the office, he launched a brief primary run against her, propped up by other former aides.


One source told Daily Mail that “Everything started with media attention.”

“We were free to drive the legislative agenda. She was pretty hands-off in the process, which is pretty cool for a staffer. She was more focused on getting on Fox News.”

But Mace claimed she turns down more TV interviews and actually gets “more grief” and “death threats every time I go on TV.”

“I work really hard. I work seven days a week for the country,” she contended.

“It’s insulting to think that I can only be good at one thing, and I try to do good in all things,” she added. “And that means I’m married to a job. That means I don’t have a life.”

Frieda Powers


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