Newsom called out after running over Chinese kid during basketball game

The California governor’s moniker of “Gruesome Newsom” took on new meaning during his trip through China when basketball with kids turned into a train wreck.

“…metaphor of what he’s done to California tax payers.”

Gov. Gavin Newsom continued his non-run for the 2024 Democratic presidential nomination throughout the week bloviating on the climate agenda and sitting down with Chinese Communist Party leader President Xi Jinping. But to some, the most White House-worthy moment came when The Golden State executive challenged former President Barack Obama for cringe glory on the court while attempting to shoot hoops with kids.

During a stop at a primary school in Beijing to observe a “farm-to-school program,” video of Newsom on X showed him hamming up his ball-handling skills before bodily colliding with one of the kids or, as Grabien founder Tom Elliott put it, proving himself “second only to [Obama] in his use of kids as foil for validating delusions of basketball grandeur.”

As many may recall, in 2013 then-President Obama’s love for basketball was hardly reflected in his ability to make a basket as he infamously went two-for-22 while attempting to play up his cool factor in front of members of the NBA’s Washington Wizards and kids attending the annual Easter Egg Roll.

Newsom’s effort at displaying his own athletic prowess was made all the worse by the effort to play it off from the ground, rolling over with the child wrapped in his arm and smiling while he patted the boy on the backside before giving a hug and dismissing the kid.

The sarcasm flowed generously on social media as users reacted to the display, including Alliance of Los Angeles County Parents founder Julie Hamill who said, “OMG my governor is so cool and relatable! Watch him take out a small child while desperately trying to emulate Barack Obama while on a foreign visit to one of the world’s leading dictators.”

Likewise, commentator Kate Hyde wrote, “I can’t stop watching this clip of Gavin Newsom playing basketball in China where he slips and flattens a kid then plays it off by pretending to beat the kid up,” or as one user responded, “It’s [a] metaphor of what he’s done to California tax payers.”

Meanwhile, the official X account of the governor’s office attempted to glamorize the matchup against the kids as the promoted his play in a montage of propaganda that touted, “Young people are the future of our planet. We have to invest in them.”

Weeks out from a planned debate with Newsom, 2024 GOP presidential hopeful and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis had been tearing into the potential political rival for the trip itself as he had reportedly told the Daily Mail of the meeting with the Chinese leader, “When I saw the photos, the thing that came to my mind was — you know, these are guys that are two peas in the pod with respect to COVID, draconian COVID policies.”

Meanwhile, online critics continued to ridicule the dribbling charge, with some even suggesting the collision would be remembered as the Archduke Ferdinand-moment of a third World War.

Kevin Haggerty


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