NY City protest against migrant invasion turns violent outside Gracie Mansion

A protest against illegal immigrants being housed in New York City turned violent outside Gracie Mansion on Sunday as opposing sides threw punches, kicked, and choked each other while dozens of police dove in.

(Video Credit: Eyewitness News ABC7NY)

Over 100,000 illegal immigrants have deluged the Big Apple. But instead of addressing illegal immigration as the catastrophe it is at the southern border, New York City Mayor Eric Adams and Governor Kathy Hochul are blaming those busing migrants into their sanctuary city as well as the federal government.

Protesters, including Antifa, got their violence on Sunday as Guardian Angels founder and former Republican mayoral candidate Curtis Sliwa led New Yorkers during the rally. They were demonstrably fed up with illegal immigrants being shoved down their throats by leftists, according to the New York Post.

Over 100 protesters clashed on the Upper East Side as one side flamed City Hall’s handling of the crisis while the other side tried to shout them down.

“No migrants on Long Island!” one Trump supporter railed outside the governor’s mansion. “We pay a lot of property taxes!”

(Video Credit: LLN NYC)

Another protester yelled, “Americans over migrants!” the Post reported.

Those standing against the illegal aliens brandished signs warning over “unvetted migrants” and contended that “our safety is in serious jeopardy.”

Counter-protesters were far outnumbered by those against illegal immigrants. But what they lacked in numbers they made up for in obnoxiousness. Almost two dozen leftists screamed, “F*** white supremacist NYPD!” There were approximately 50 officers present who took the abuse.

Adams has instituted at least 200 emergency shelters to house illegal aliens in New York City and is being eviscerated for it.

(Video Credit: LLN NYC)

The shelters include a massive 3,000-bed tent city on Randall’s Island. Locals are furious over it, fearing crime and violence.

Sliwa was high-profile during the protest and wound up being arrested once again. He was part of a small number of protesters who were hauled off in cuffs.

The vocal conservative compared himself to Mahatma Gandhi. He mocked the mayor who had previously described himself as being “Ghandi-like.”

“The mayor said he’s Mayor Gandhi, right? He’s never done anything Gandhi-like,” Sliwa, 69, stated in disgust, according to the New York Post.

“I’m going to show him what Gandhi used to do” Sliwa proclaimed alluding to his plan to get arrested for “peaceful protest.”

“These migrants have jumped the queue,” Sliwa informed protesters. “And by the way, if I were a migrant and you gave me an opportunity to jump the queue and stay in a hotel, give me three square meals … — basically give me more than homeless people born in America have or veterans who are down on their luck have — you’re damn right they’re gonna keep coming.”

His message was blunt, “Americans first, migrants back of the line!” according to the Daily Mail.

Sliwa has been busted three times in the last two weeks over protesting where illegal immigrants are housed.

He was arrested last week as he led a protest outside the shuttered Island Shores Senior Residences in Midland Beach on Staten Island. A migrant shelter was set up there.

Then on August 16, Sliwa was also hauled off for protesting outside the Creedmoor Psychiatric Center in Queens.

“I’ve been arrested so many times,” he pointed out on Sunday per the New York Post. “Civil disobedience — this will be my 80th.”

After Sliwa was released Sunday evening, he spoke with the Daily Mail.

“I had pre-warned the police, I’d gone into the local precinct,” he recounted. “Look, Antifa will be there, they’re gonna go on the attack, we’re gonna have elderly people there. Either you take care of it, or we’ll take care of it.”

“Clearly they did not. People can scream, they can yell, they can do anything they want to one another, but not physically attack. When they started physically attacking, our group had to stop and defend themselves,” Sliwa claimed.

He stated that two elderly people, both who were 81, were arrested with him. Sliwa said they were treated like former President Trump and former Mayor Rudy Giuliani by being fingerprinted and photographed for a desk appearance ticket. One of them was a woman named Colletta, who emigrated to the United States from Casablanca.

“Nobody is opposed to immigration, as long as it was done the right way,” Sliwa asserted. “Quite a few people with us were immigrants themselves.”

Amid the violent punching, kicking, and choking, a leftist woman was arrested after she attempted to burn the American flag and stomped it on the ground.

“We don’t need this hate! We don’t need this f***ing hate! That is not what this is supposed to represent but this is what they f***ing make it,’ she wailed.

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