Pompeo challenges ‘most dangerous person in the world’ Randi Weingarten to a debate

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has dubbed Randi Weingarten, the head of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) union, as the “most dangerous person in the world” over the damaging impact she is believed to have had on America’s children.

“I tell the story often — I get asked ‘Who’s the most dangerous person in the world? Is it Chairman Kim, is it Xi Jinping?’ The most dangerous person in the world is Randi Weingarten,” Pompeo told Semafor recently. “It’s not a close call.”

Not only does Pompeo stand by that assertion, but he also penned an op-ed published by the New York Post this week challenging Weingarten to a debate — while such an event might make for a terrific pay-per-view event, the likelihood of the left-wing union chief accepting is minimal given that she escapes any accountability for her actions from a complicit media.

“I fear America is on a path to disintegration due to persistent failures in our education system,” Pompeo wrote. “American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten and her fellow travelers have crippled our nation’s schools. The danger she presents to our nation is clear and real and exceeds that of all the bad guys I battled abroad for four years as secretary of state and CIA director.

“I said she’s the most dangerous person in America because it is true. Her power, her ideas and her anti-student policies must be confronted.”

The former Trump official pointed out that Weingarten dismissed his claim as “pathetic” and insinuated that he was “extreme,” “anti-LGBTQ” and “anti-Semitic,” before challenging her publicly to defend her views.

“Her personal venom evidences an unwillingness to defend what she has wrought on our children and our nation. I am prepared to debate her and to present to the American people my case for the risks she presents to our republic and our nation’s future,” Pompeo said.

The challenge being the latest sign that Republicans have finally reached a point where they understand the implications of the left dominating education in America and are willing to do something about it. A fight that is being led by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, among others.

Pompeo details the damage done by Xi Jinping, Kim Jong Un, and the Taliban, to say he has fought threats beyond America’s borders and now it is time to “confront American decline at home,” quoting both James Madison and historian Will Durant, who said, “A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within.”

“America is more likely to be lost if we do not retake our schools from radical and progressive forces,” he insisted. “Elements in our midst are betraying our children’s futures by denying them the opportunities education confers. Failing to teach math, science, real history and civics and, importantly, to imprint America as the most exceptional nation in civilizational history on the hearts and minds of the next generation dooms America and the world that counts on us.”

Noting that students in China now outscore children in the U.S. “across the board,” Pompeo added that America’s students “are severely deficient in mathematics and science” and that the pandemic lockdowns, which Weingarten championed, only made matters worse.

Yet, our schools are consumed with trumped-up “toxic wokeness” and other social justice concerns.

“This focus on indoctrination over education is why Weingarten and the leftist establishment she represents are so dangerous,” Pompeo said.

“Critical race theory and the 1619 Project derive from Marxist precepts; they do not reflect the greatness and the power of the American experiment,” he added. “Today, only 1 in 3 Americans could pass the citizenship test. The absence of the ‘reverence for the Constitution and its Laws,’ to quote Abraham Lincoln, risks what he called ‘mobocratic’ rule. These repudiations of our nation foster division and ignorance, not reconciliation.”

He concluded by saying if Weingarten “and her ilk continue to control our schools and universities, we will lose our country, for it will become indefensible. She dissembles, knowing that an echoic media will front for her.”

“I look forward to the opportunity to defend our republic against the America-hating left that has occupied the commanding heights of our schools as opposed to the parents who so desperately need teachers to stay on mission,” Pompeo closed out. “Therefore, will you, Randi Weingarten, accept my challenge to debate?”

As for the union boss, she was busy celebrating the Democratic Party’s latest social justice win:


Tom Tillison


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