Pro-Palestine protesters burn American flag outside City Hall in NYC, call for eradication of Israel

In what may prove to be the end result of the Democratic Party for years manipulating U.S. immigration laws, thousands of pro-Palestine protesters took to the streets of New York City on Thursday with many calling for wiping Israel from the face of the earth.

The left-wing mob marched from Wall Street to City Hall while chanting, “From the river to sea,” which calls for the eradication of Israel. Others cried out for “intifada,” a term representing an uprising against Israel.

At one point, the radical crowd burned an American flag outside City Hall.

An advertisement said the event was protesting the “genocide of the Palestinian people,” as Israel fights to defend itself after the Palestinian terror group Hamas attacked the country and killed more than 1,400 civilians, the worst slaughter of Jews since the Holocaust. Hundreds were kidnapped and taken back to Gaza while elderly women and small children were raped and tortured. Bodies were burned beyond recognition, with family members reportedly forced to watch before their turn came, and infants were murdered.

A captured terrorist said they were told to do whatever they want with the captured Jews. “We became animals — [did] things that humans don’t do.”

And thousands march all across America in support of those behind the unspeakable savagery, with college campuses being a hot spot for such support.

The burning of the flag can be seen in footage shared online by Freedom News TV:

The Israeli Star of David flag was reportedly burned as well, with protesters chanting songs in support of Palestine and Gaza. President Biden was also accused of ‘genocide’ for supporting the Jewish state.

The shameful protest was organized by the ‘Within Our Lifetime’ organization, which was formed in 2015 and is led by Palestinians, according to the Daily Mail.

Tom Tillison


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