Putin sends message to ‘ordinary’ civilians of West and Russian ‘scum’ residing there, admits sanctions taking a toll

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Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered an angry televised speech to the world Wednesday encouraging Western citizens to blame their own governments for their gas price woes and promising his own citizens that he’ll do what’s necessary to ease their own suffering amid the “difficult” sanctions they’re facing from the West.

Called “fascistic” by his critics and “inspiring” by his supporters, the overall speech covered a number of topics, from his motivation for invading Ukraine (the alleged “genocide” in the Donbass region, in addition to Ukraine’s involvement with NATO), to Ukraine’s alleged “military biological programs” and his alleged efforts at diplomacy.

“All our diplomatic efforts were fully in vain. We have been left with no peaceful alternative to settle the problems that developed through no fault of ours. In this situation, we were forced to begin this special military operation,” he said.

He further accused the Ukrainian government of lying about everything. In talking about these lies, he turned his attention to the citizens of the West.

“I want ordinary Western people to hear me, too. You are being persistently told that your current difficulties are the result of Russia’s hostile actions and that you have to pay for the efforts to counter the alleged Russian threat from your own pockets. All of that is a lie,” he said.

“The truth is that the problems faced by millions of people in the West are the result of many years of actions by the ruling elite of your respective countries, their mistakes, and short-sighted policies and ambitions. This elite is not thinking about how to improve the lives of their citizens in Western countries. They are obsessed with their own self-serving interests and super profits.”

This, he argued, is why “inequality and the gap between the rich and the poor is widening, and racial and ethnic conflicts are making themselves felt.”

“The myth of the Western welfare society, the so-called golden billion, is crumbling. To reiterate, the whole planet is now paying for the West’s ambitions and the West’s attempts to maintain its elusive dominance by any means possible,” he added.

Turning to the matter of sanctions, he then admitted that the sanctions imposed by U.S. President Joe Biden and other world leaders have been tough to bear, but argued that sanctions would have been imposed on Russia no matter what.

“The policy of containing and weakening Russia, including through economic isolation, a blockade, is a premeditated, long-term strategy. Western leaders are no longer hiding the fact that the sanctions are not directed against individuals or companies. Their goal is to deliver a blow to our entire economy, our social and cultural sphere, every family, and every Russian citizen,” he said.

“Indeed, it is difficult for us at the moment. … Clearly, in the new realities we will have to make deep structural changes in our economy, and I will not pretend that they will be easy or that they will not lead to a temporary increase in inflation and unemployment.”

The Russian president then proceeded to announce a spate of new welfare programs to help the Russian people amid the ongoing crisis.

“I am aware that the price hikes are a big blow to people’s incomes, and so we will take action to increase all social payments shortly including benefits and pensions, we will raise the minimum wage and the minimum subsistence level and also the wages of public-sector workers. I ask the Government to calculate the exact parameters for the increases,” he said.

“To emphasize, even under the current difficult conditions we must reduce poverty and inequality by the end of the year. This issue remains quite solvable even now. I ask the Government and the regions to focus on this task. I will add that we understand that it is not only an economic issue but also one of social justice.”

Notice his use of “woke” terminology like “social justice.”

He concluded his speech by sharing a warning with those Russian in name only citizens who live abroad and have had their minds affected by Western thinking.


“I do not in the least condemn those who have villas in Miami or the French Riviera, who cannot make do without foie gras, oysters or gender freedom as they call it. That is not the problem, not at all. The problem, again, is that many of these people are, essentially, over there in their minds and not here with our people and with Russia. In their opinion – in their opinion! – it is a sign of belonging to the superior caste, the superior race,” he said.

“[A]ny nation, and even more so the Russian people, will always be able to distinguish true patriots from scum and traitors and will simply spit them out like an insect in their mouth, spit them onto the pavement. I am convinced that a natural and necessary self-detoxification of society like this would strengthen our country, our solidarity and cohesion and our readiness to respond to any challenge.”

Critics say his words were those of a true fascist:

Vivek Saxena


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