Shock jock Howard Stern melts down over suggestion of planted questions for Biden

Shock jock Howard Stern had a profanity-laced meltdown over the suggestion that he was given planted questions by the White House for his big interview with President Joe Biden.

Last week, the New York City talk radio legend sat down with the geriatric leader in what Biden loyalists hailed as a major coup by getting the talking points out to Stern’s massive SiriusXM audience as he seeks to nail down a second term.

But at least one question, on a new government rule requiring airlines to provide immediate refunds for canceled flights, drew criticism from Stern’s fellow talk radio host David Pakman who suggested to his YouTube audience that the question might have been planted.

“You’ve gotta f**king be kidding me,” he said, rejecting the idea that Team Biden was feeding him questions.

The host who said he’s a fan of Pakman stated that the airline question came from an earlier off-radio conversation that he had with producer Jon Hein.

“Here’s what happened. When Joe Biden came in, the day before John Hein and I were talking about some of the accomplishments that we admire that have gone on in the past four years, and John says to me, ‘Hey, Howard, did you hear what Joe Biden did with the airlines?'” Stern explained.

“If they were scripting the questions, wouldn’t that have been a lot different?” Quivers asked.

“Cut the conspiracies,” Stern said about rumors that Biden was wearing an earpiece during the interview.

“You’ve gotta f***ing be kidding me,” he said. “First of all, we controlled all the audio.”

No longer the bad boy outsider he once was, the 70-year-old Stern practically slobbered over Biden in the fawning chat, allowing the octogenarian Democrat to churn out whopper after whopper without being challenged.

Stern defended himself against the critics who accused him of coddling the career politician.

“My whole goal was not to sit there and talk politics. I’m not into that. I don’t want to debate policy,” he insisted. “My only agenda [was] I would like to get to know the president because I suspect he’s a very meaningful, very thoughtful guy.”

Perhaps most nauseating was seeing the one-time bad boy sucking up to Biden as the “father of the country” in a completely ludicrous compliment for the most divisive leader in the nation’s history, a shameless race-baiting demagogue who has used the federal government as a weapon against his political enemies, particularly top opposition leader Donald J. Trump.

Other than Biden’s usual dispensing of tall tales, the surprise interview was notable for his telling the germophobic host that he’d be willing to debate Trump, another of the off-script remarks that have given his handlers nightmares.

“I am somewhere,” Biden said, responding to Stern’s question about the debate that Trump has been goading him over. “I don’t know when. I’m happy to debate him.”

Chris Donaldson


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