‘Straight FIRE!’ Virginia Rep’s message to Dems who cry ‘racist’ or ‘sexist’ every time you disagree with them

One Virginia state lawmaker has had enough of Democrats and their auto-pilot arguments citing racism or sexism every time someone disagrees with them.

Virginia State Rep. Nick Freitas was on fire during a floor speech in which he called out his Democrat colleagues for resorting to name-calling whenever something does not go their way.

“Enough. I have had it, my constituents have had it, and I am no longer going to sit here while a member of this body accuses us of being bigots simply because we disagree on policy,” the Virginia Republican tweeted Wednesday along with a three-minute clip of his remarks to the Virginia House of Delegates where he has served since 2015.

“I was asked by a colleague of mine on the other side of the aisle, someone I actually deeply respect, and she asked me was I going to be nice this session,” Freitas began, adding that he “thought it was an interesting question.”

“I don’t particularly think of myself as an un-nice person, but I can see how sometimes people would see that differently,” he continued.

“But you know what I’ve never done, Mr. Speaker? I’ve never gone on this floor and I’ve challenged the faith of an elected official because I disagreed with them on policy,” Freitas asserted.

“I’ve never gone on this floor, Mr. Speaker, and suggested that the other side of the aisle were racists because they didn’t agree with my particular policy positions. I’ve never suggested they were sexist because they didn’t agree with my particular policy positions,” he said.

“But I’m keeping a running tally so far of this session – we’re not very far into it. And almost every day, almost every day, someone on the other side of the aisle either gets up and either subtly or comes right out and suggests that if you don’t agree with them on policy, well then you’re not a Christian. You’re a sexist, you’re a bigot, you’re a racist,” the 42-year-old state representative continued.

Freitas then noted a scenario when Democrats making the claims are challenged by someone, like himself, pushing back.

“If you want to debate me on the merits of our particular policies, I am happy to have that discussion,” he said, calling out those who “claim, with no evidence other than we don’t agree on a particular policy position,” or that the disagreement “makes us racist or sexist or bigoted.”

He went on to cite examples of how this now-predictable ploy by Democrats was used in the last election cycle, pointing to how parents who questioned local school officials about their children’s education and what was going on inside the schools were labeled “racists” for voicing their concerns.

Freitas condemned the “repeated narrative” coming from Democrats and the fact that Republicans have “sat here politely and just took it.”

“Mr. Speaker, not this time,” he declared.

“I’m tired of it. My constituents are tired of it,” he added. “Because when these claims are made, they’re not just made against Governor Youngkin, they’re not just made against us. They’re made, in part, against the people that elected to send us here.”

“And I don’t know a single person in this chamber that I would define as racist or sexist, or bigoted,” Freitas said. “But just so I’m very clear – will I be nice this session? I would certainly like to be, but I’m not about to sit here and listen to that, Mr. Speaker, and then go home to my constituents and have them ask me “why didn’t you stand up and defend us?'”

“So let’s have a robust policy discussion,” he concluded. “But if you’re going to question the faith of the intentions of anybody that happens to disagree with you on policy, then you don’t get to lecture us on compassion, tolerance or an open debate.”

His fiery speech was met with resounding applause on social media.

Frieda Powers


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