Sunny Hostin’s woes about absentee voting FOR HER SON triggers voting fraud questions

A clip of Sunny Hostin complaining about how difficult she found it to cast an absentee ballot for her son left social media wondering if she’d admitted to a crime on live television.

Elections weighed heavily on the minds of Americans Tuesday, and with that comes ample discussion on the topic. Daily talk show ‘The View’ was no exception, but one statement by Hostin has people accusing her of committing voter fraud.

Whoopi Goldberg chastized Hostin to “put her phone down” while the co-host was talking. This admonishment prompted the somewhat subdued Hostin to admit that she was talking to her son. While that may seem odd, considering the cameras were rolling, what she said next was more shocking.


“That’s my son,” Hostin smiled. “Who by the way, wanted to know if his absentee ballot- was- that I did that. And I actually had trouble voting for him, absentee ballot today, and that made me very concerned.”

Joy Behar asked her “what happened,” leading Hostin to explain that she had been asked “to put it in an orange bag on the floor, and the orange bag to me looked like a Target bag or something.” This didn’t sit right with the host.

“And I said ‘isn’t there a formal election box that says absentee ballots or something like that?’ and then she said ‘let me check,’ and then found it. So that concerned me,” she explained.

But while Hostin was worried about the absentee ballot process, many others were worried that she had violated election law:

Sierra Marlee


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