Team Trump files ethics complaint against DeSantis in nasty escalation against top 2024 rival

Former President Donald J. Trump’s war on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis took a nasty turn with a pro-Trump super PAC filing an ethics complaint against the rising Republican star, his top rival for the GOP’s 2024 nomination.

Make America Great Again Inc. is filling the complaint with the Florida Commission on Ethics, accusing DeSantis of violating state law with his “shadow presidential campaign,” a major escalation against the governor who has yet to formally announce that he’s running for the White House as speculation rages that he will soon jump into the race.

According to NBC News which exclusively obtained a copy of the complaint, “It asks the commission to probe whether pro-DeSantis super PACs, his ‘personally lucrative book tour’ and a continued wave of state-level campaign contributions, among other things, ‘are unlawful because they serve his personal political objectives, are in furtherance of his personal financial gain at the expense of Florida taxpayers, and are intended to influence his official decision to resign from office.’

The letter says that if the commission finds that DeSantis violated state ethics and elections laws, it should hit him with the “most severe penalties permitted,” including disqualifying him from the ballot and therefore knocking Trump’s only serious competitor for the GOP nomination out of the race before the primaries.

“Governor DeSantis knows, or should know, that his shadow presidential campaign is illegal under federal election law, Florida ethics laws prohibiting illegal gifts from political committees, and Florida ethics laws prohibiting illegal lobbying payments,” the letter states.

The governor’s office punched back through Communications Director Taryn Fenske,

“Adding this to the list of frivolous and politically motivated attacks,” she said in a statement. “It’s inappropriate to use state ethics complaints for partisan purposes.”

The former POTUS – who announced his candidacy last year-  continues to flail away at the Sunshine State governor on his Truth Social platform, the launching pad for his attacks on DeSantis, assailing him over his stance on Social Security while he was in Congress and most recently, accusing him of being too soft on the parasitical insurance industry which has put the screws to Florida homeowners and businesses for decades, especially after last year’s Hurricane Ian devasted the state.

“In addition to wanting to cut Social Security (and raise the minimum age to at least 70) & MediCare, RINO Ron DeSanctimonious is delivering the biggest insurance company BAILOUT to Globalist Insurance Companies, IN HISTORY. He’s also crushed Florida homeowners whose houses were destroyed in the Hurricane – They’re getting pennies on the dollar. His Insurance Commissioner does NOTHING, while Florida’s lives are ruined. This is the worst Insurance Scam in the entire Country!” Trump wrote.

(Image: Screengrab/Truth Social)

Team Trump’s fratricidal attacks against DeSantis come as other Republicans are throwing in with the dashing young GOP rock star whose management of COVID in his state made him into the gold standard of U.S. governors while his willingness to attack the left’s racists, fascists and perverts head-on has served as an inspiration to other state leaders.

Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas) came out in support of DeSantis who is over 30 years younger than Trump, telling supporters that “vibrant and energetic” leadership is necessary to combat the menace of “woke cultural indoctrination,” and that the popular Florida leader is the man for the job.

“I believe it’s time for a new generation of leadership. It’s time for younger, but proven, leadership to offer America eight solid years of transformational change,” the Lone Star State lawmaker said. “It’s time for Ron DeSantis to be President of the United States.”

As for Trump’s attacks on “Ron DeSanctimonious,” the governor has taken the high road by declining to engage, which likely vexes the former president to no end.

Other than grabbing some headlines and doing Democrats a favor by further dividing the Republican electorate, the ethics complaint may not resonate with the commission with DeSantis having appointed a majority of its members.

Chris Donaldson


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