‘They’re real f–king monsters’: Joe Rogan fired up over ‘100% real’ deep state, says ‘no one is going to jail’

Mega podcaster Joe Rogan tore into the “deep state” over the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story and the Russian collusion hoax, raging on his show that no one is being held accountable or going to jail over it and that the deep state is very, very real.

“The collusion between the media and the government is pretty apparent, especially left-wing media and left-wing government. It’s pretty f***ing apparent that there’s some narratives that get shared back and forth. And they have talking points and they don’t talk about things they’re not supposed to like the Hunter Biden laptop story. Something that’s actual news,” Rogan stated.

“It’s crazy,” his guest added.

“Crazy! Crazy story, because if that was the Donald Trump Jr. laptop, holy f***in’ shit! Would that lead every night,” Rogan pointed out.

**WARNING: Language**

Rogan proceeded to eviscerate those on the left who foisted the Russia collusion story on everyone for years, ostensibly knowing full well it was a brazen lie.

“I mean this whole Russia collusion story turned out to be completely nonsense,” Rogan continued as his guest reiterated that it was insane.

“That’s insane. That was three and a half years the American public was getting beat down with the Russia collusion thing,” his guest continued.

“And it wasn’t real,” Rogan interjected.

“It was created by the Democratic Party. Well, that’s not the exact thing but it was created by people who were insiders in the Democratic Party,” the guest asserted.

Then Rogan gave voice to what is frustrating many Americans concerning the actions of the left in all of this.

“And no one’s being held accountable. No one’s going to jail for it. But they were literally trying to impeach Trump for some sh*t that they made up. But it’s… look… Trump’s not a perfect guy. This is not a pro-Trump speech. But this f***in’ thing that he kept saying about the deep state… it’s real! It’s 100 percent real. The swamp is real. They’re f***in’ real monsters and they’re really trying to get rid of him by lying,” the podcaster charged.

“They weren’t spending their time trying to make the government work efficiently and make the country a better place for everyone and prop up the middle class. No. They were trying to regain power and they got it with a dead man,” he accused.

Rogan then launched into a brutal attack against the media.

“They have to have facts and they have to show you why they come to these conclusions. CNN doesn’t have to do that because they’re not really news. They’re entertainment news that supports the left-wing narrative. Which is why Kyle Kulinski and Jimmy Dore… they all talked about the Hunter Biden laptop. Everybody did. Everybody did that was talking about ‘news’ because it was ‘news.’ CNN was like, ‘What? Laptop, huh?’ Laptop? There’s a laptop? I didn’t know anything about a laptop,'” he went on mocking CNN.

“Obviously, the Hunter Biden laptop… that could have swayed the election. I mean that thing is insane,” his guest remarked while Rogan was saying, “F*** yeah!”

“He’s got a f***ing bank account with his dad,” Rogan concluded as his guest kept saying it was “insane.”


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