Thieves steal packages from trains outside LA depot, leave debris along tracks – stretched cops get blamed

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For months, thieves in Los Angeles have reportedly been raiding cargo trains in Union Station, the largest railroad terminal on the West Coast, and emptying them of countless UPS, Amazon, etc. packages that would otherwise be headed to customers.

The scale of the problem became clear this week when local station KCBS traveled to the terminal to view the stunning evidence for themselves.

What they discovered was a field of endless torn-up boxes and wrapping paper/plastic, in addition to “items that the robbers did not want or did not think were valuable enough to take.” Included among those items were COVID test kits, hilariously enough.

Watch some of the station’s stunning footage below:

While at the station, KCBS’s news crew also came upon robberies in progress.

“[O]ne person was seen running off with a container used to hold smaller packages, and a Union Pacific officer was spotted chasing after two other people who appeared to be rifling through packages,” the station reported Thursday.

But who’s to blame for this crisis, and is it even something Americans elsewhere should worry about? After all, some critics would argue that California residents are getting exactly what they’ve voted for time and time again.

The problem, according to KCBS, is that this crisis affects everybody because the packages “belong to people from all over the country.”

As for the blame, it’s a bit more complicated.

“Sources told CBSLA that the locks Union Pacific uses are easy to cut, and officials with the Los Angeles Police Department said they don’t respond to reports of a train robbery unless Union Pacific asks them for help, which they said is rare,” the station notes.

Los Angeles is one of the many Democrat-controlled cities nationwide that eagerly embraced the “defund the police” movement. According to Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva, the results have been disastrous.

Worse, LA is one of a handful of Democrat-controlled cities that have refused to reverse course amid the huge uptick in crime.

“Sheriff Villanueva noted that cities and states that defunded law enforcement agencies across the United States including: Rochester, NY; Rochester, MN; Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Oakland, and the City of Los Angeles, had regretted it and had reversed the decision, except for Los Angeles County,” according to a press release published by Villanueva’s office on Dec. 14th.

“In addition to the defunding, a total of 1281 were removed from the department’s budget. On top of the positions removed, the current vacancy is 1,370, of which 686 are sworn and 684 are civilian positions. One might argue that if a position is vacant, it wasn’t needed anyway, and won’t be missed if eliminated. On the contrary, vacant positions across LASD are necessary and, because of already-existing staff shortages, are filled by paying overtime spots, which only compounds budget issues,” the press release noted.

In a statement to KCBS, Union Pacific, which it appears is the company overseeing operations at Union Square, didn’t have much to say but for the usual.

“Union Pacific is very concerned about the increased cargo thefts in California, and we have taken several steps to address this criminal activity. These rail crimes pose a serious safety threat to the public, our employees and local law enforcement officers,” the statement reads.

“We have increased the number of Union Pacific special agents on patrol, and we have utilized and explored additional technologies to help us combat this criminal activity. We also will continue to work with our local law enforcement partners and elected leaders,” the statement added.

It’s not clear that either the police or Union Pacific can do anything to stop this crisis given that the official ultimately responsible for holding local criminals accountable has no interest in holding any criminals accountable.

Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón is, as previously reported, a radically far-left prosecutor whose lax-on-crime policies have been so disastrous that even the wealthy, left-wing residents of Beverly Hills have turned against him.

Backed by billionaire left-wing radical George Soros, Gascón assumed office on Dec. 7th, 2020, and has since day one prioritized cutting criminals break after break after break.

Right after being inaugurated last year, he announced that his office wouldn’t seek the death penalty in any cases, that accused suspects with misdemeanors and “non-violent, non-serious” felonies would be released on their own recognizance, and that those accused of serious and violent crime would have no bail requirements.

His policies have been a boon for all criminals, including, it would appear, railroad thieves …

Vivek Saxena


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