Third party threat scorches ‘beyond redemption’ Dem party, says Bernie, AOC are ‘window dressing’

Potential presidential spoiler Cornel West unloaded on the all-talk, “beyond redemption” Democratic Party with “no fundamental intention” of addressing a particular voting bloc’s needs.

(Video: The Hill)

Throughout his third-party bid under the banner of the People’s Party, the Columbia University professor has consistently remained critical of President Joe Biden’s failure to address the concerns of the black community. Tuesday, West expanded his criticism out to the entire Democratic Party while appearing on The Hill’s “Rising.”

At the onset of the discussion, the guest was played a clip of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) speaking with NBC News’ Chuck Todd where the congressman pushed for public support of the president’s re-election campaign by touting a representation of the working man.

While he didn’t argue with Sanders’ stance, West found fault with the system itself and contended, “Oh, no. I think that Brother Bernie’s being consistent. You know, he said that all along, and I can understand the argument. I think it’s a plausible argument. I just don’t think it’s a persuasive one.”

“I think that the argument he’s making means that there’s never any possibility for breaking from the corporate duopoly, that there’s never any possibility of trying to speak to the needs of poor working people,” he continued before recounting a trip to Mississippi where he suggested the Democratic Party has been absent in dealing with “issues of poverty and intense police brutality.”

“So I think in many ways Brother Bernie is making a plausible argument, but I think deep down in his heart he knows that the Democratic Party has no fundamental intention of speaking to the needs of poor people and working people,” argued West. “They are dominated by the corporate wing, they’re dominated by the militarists when it comes to foreign policy, and that he and AOC (New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) and the others are going to be, in a certain sense, window dressing at worst and, at best, people to appeal to every four years.”

“But the Democratic Party is beyond redemption at this point when it comes to seriously speaking to the needs of poor and working people,” he slammed.

The staying power of West’s campaign remains unknown, but, as had been pointed out at the beginning of his appearance on “Rising,” the candidate appeared to be having an impact on the potential outcome of a hypothetical 2024 general election.

According to a recent Emerson College poll, in a three-way matchup between former President Donald Trump, Biden and West as the Green Party candidate, the professor pulled in 4 percent of the vote while Trump eked out the incumbent 44 to 39.

Following Trump’s booking photo at the Fulton County Jail, many had posited that the Republican candidate’s favorability among black voters had increased. At the very least, it appeared that a percent of the population remained up for grabs.

Kevin Haggerty


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