Tucker lets loose on soulless HR: Watch the moment he’s told how his remaining staff was let go

Tucker Carlson has little use for corporate Human Resources (HR) departments and he made that clear while reacting to a report that the remaining members of his old team at Fox News had been fired.

Carlson was being interviewed by media personality Glenn Beck in a clip posted on Monday and was asked if he had heard about the recent news involving him. Beck proceeded to recite reporting from The Spectator editor Chadwick Moore that his remaining staff was going to be “frog marched out of the building” at the end of the day last Friday.

“That is, and this is certainly not a defense of the company that’s doing that, but this is kind of par in corporate America. I think it’s disgusting,” Carlson replied, after an initial display of shock. After saying people should always be loyal to people who are loyal to them, Carlson recalled when companies used to have personnel departments and said the evolution of HR departments “has made companies far more soulless, far crueler to people, far more at the mercy of lawyers and the grotesque anti-human legal mindset that’s really hurt our country.”

Moore tweeted on Friday: “Tucker Carlson’s @TuckerCarlson’s remaining team at Fox News (nine employees) will be frog marched out of the building tonight at 9:00pm. HR will be waiting outside the control room when they finish tonight’s show to escort the remaining producers outside. One former Carlson producer called it ‘Degrading!’”

Carlson recounted a previous experience he had with an HR department that ended with “bad language” being used, without naming the corporation.

“This person came into my office and said, ‘you’re not allowed to talk to another employee about something.’ This person had complained about me so I saw the person — I had never met the person, who had filed complaints saying that I hurt his feelings, or made him feel unsafe because of my opinions,” Carlson explained. “So I run into him and I said, ‘hey, here’s my cell, call me, text me, if you’ve got a problem, call me.’”

“And the HR lady comes in and she’s like, ‘you’re not allowed to do that!’ And I said, ‘I’m an adult man and a father and a taxpayer, you are not allowed to tell me who I can speak to.’ And then I used bad language, because I mean it,” he added.

Tom Tillison


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