Venezuelan man botches attempt to rob Ohio bank, flees empty-handed then gets nabbed by cops

A Venezuelan man’s attempt to rob an Ohio bank didn’t work out as he may have planned when he tried to overcome the language barrier by using a translation app.

Things went downhill quickly after 20-year-old Yeixon Brito-Gonzalez walked into the bank located on West Perkins Avenue in Sandusky at around 11:30 a.m. on April 4 and since he wasn’t able to speak English, showed tellers a translated message on his phone demanding that they “get the money” and “put the money in the bag.”

A call had already been placed to police before Brito-Gonzalez’s failed robbery because he was loitering and acting suspiciously. While en route, the cops received additional information that the suspect was demanding the money. He would flee the premises empty-handed.

Police would soon locate Brito-Gonzalez and had a Spanish-speaking officer read him his rights. The suspect denied that he was trying to rob the bank. A white trash bag was discovered in his possession, and he also voluntarily showed police his cellphone on which they found a translation app.

“Why would you go to a bank and request to put money in a bag if you don’t have a bank account?” Brito-Gonzalez is asked by an officer in a video taken when he was arrested.

“He’s saying he’s sorry, he didn’t mean it that way,” the officer said.

“According to a police report, the officer said the suspect told him he recently lost his job and needed money,” Cleveland Fox News affiliate Fox 8 reported.

“I have been in law enforcement for over 20 years and this is the first time I encountered something like this, someone using a translator app to try and rob a bank,” Sandusky Police Chief Jared Oliver said. “First time our officers have dealt with it too.“

Authorities are unable to determine whether Brito-Gonzalez is in the country illegally because he can’t speak English.

“We have no way to tell if he is here legally or not,” said Chief Oliver. “But he has no proof of identification.”

Oliver said that the feds also have questions for him. “It has been brought to my attention customs and border control put a hold on him,” he said.

Brito-Gonzalez faces charges of attempted robbery, attempted theft, and criminal trespassing and, as of Friday night, was still being held under a no-bond order at Erie County Jail.

Thanks to “Biden’s Border Bloodbath” the country is crawling with criminal illegals, including killers, rapists, drug dealers, squatters, thieves, and assorted other thugs who continue to pour across the unsecured southern border by the thousands.

While it hasn’t yet been established if Brito-Gonzalez is indeed an illegal alien, the countries that are offloading the worst elements of society into the welcome embrace of the U.S. don’t seem to be sending their best.

Chris Donaldson


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