Waukesha Christmas parade suspect complains he’s being portrayed as a ‘monster’ and ‘victimized’

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Waukesha rampage suspect Darrell Brooks and his mother appear to believe that he’s the real victim, not the six people whom he allegedly killed.

In a stunning jailhouse interview this week with Fox News, Brooks complained that he — a man suspected of killing five adults and one 8-year-old child — is being “demonized” and made to look like a “monster.”

“I just feel like I’m being monster — demonized,” Brooks, 39, reportedly said.

“Wearing a sleeveless green jail jumpsuit and his hair in braids, the soft-spoken accused killer offered no details about what prompted the carnage,” Fox News reported.

“The two Fox News reporters on the other side of the video screen marked the first visitors he’s seen since the Nov. 21 night of horror. Brooks appeared calm, lucid and took time to answer each question – even repeating reporters’ questions and answers at times.”

It’s not clear why Fox News opted to provide him with a platform to air his grievances. What’s known is that the evidence strongly suggests that his decision to drive his red SUV through a crowd of Christmas paraders was intentional.

After all, there’s a reason he’s been charged with intentional homicide.

What’s also known is that even his own family members — sans his mother — were scared of him because of his brutal, callous nature.

“The nephew of Darrell Brooks … begged a judge in a heartfelt handwritten note to order him to keep away. Anaji Brooks made the plea in a victim impact statement after his Uncle Darrell had shot at him in a fight over an old cell phone in July 2020, saying the incident had affected him ‘more so emotionally than physically,” the Daily Mail reported late last month.

Meanwhile, Brooks’ mother, Dawn Woods, has also been airing grievances.

In a letter issued to various media outlets this Wednesday, Woods blamed the “broken” “system” for not providing her son, whom she claimed suffers from “mental health issues,” with the “help and resources he needed,” and suggested that the decision to throw him in jail “over and over again” had only exacerbated his alleged illness.

“Instead of offering help and resources to combat the problem a jail cell was given. Over and over again. When mental illness is not properly treated the person becomes sicker and sicker. It doesn’t go away once a person becomes an adult,” she wrote.

“We are not making excuses but we believe what has happened is because he was not given the help and resources he needed. Institutions that are equipped and have trained staff is what was needed as well as resources in the communities where people who suffer with mental illness live.”

Woods added that, in her opinion, “[j]ail is not the answer, because they get released back in society sicker than what they were when they entered . We all see what a tragedy that can turn out to be.”

Yet the evidence appears to prove otherwise — that it was in fact a lax prosecutor’s decision to let Brooks out of jail that had precipitated the Nov. 21st Waukesha rampage.

As previously reported, Brooks is a longtime criminal who only weeks earlier had assaulted his baby’s mother and then run her over with the same SUV that he later allegedly used during the Waukesha rampage.

But despite the viciousness of this crime, only a measly $1,000 bail was imposed on him, allowing his family to easily pull him out of jail. Five days later, he committed the rampage.

The argument has therefore been that had it not been for the district’s Democrat prosecutor, a known anti-bail advocate, the rampage wouldn’t have even occurred, because Brooks would have still been in jail.

Continuing her letter to the media, Woods’ mother portrayed her son as a victim of a “broken system that no one cared to address.”

“Mental illness is real and the system is broken it can and must be fixed NOW, not next year or with a new legislation NOW. So many like Darrell that have fallen through the cracks because of a broken system that no one cared to address, can get the help they so desperately need,” she wrote.

Some critics have pushed back on this rhetoric by suggesting that SHE was the one who failed Brooks:

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