Welcome to US State TV: Biden campaign leaders sit down for interview with Jen Psaki

Former White House press secretary Jen Psaki may have officially departed the Biden administration but she has been one of its biggest shills since moving on to her new gig at left-wing cable television network MSNBC.

Doing her part to bolster her old boss’s chances for a second term, Psaki sat down with key members of the deeply unpopular octogenarian’s campaign team for interviews that some likened to “state TV” typically seen in totalitarian nations like North Korea.

On Sunday’s edition of “Inside With Jen Psaki,” the Democrat media shill visited with members of the Biden-Harris campaign team whom she lobbed softballs to in a segment that was less a hard-hitting exercise in unbiased journalism than it was pure party propaganda.

(Video: MSNBC)

Among those interviewed by Psaki were Biden-Harris Deputy Campaign Manager Rob Flaherty and Campaign Communications Director Michael Tyler as well as Biden’s Principal Deputy Campaign Manager Quentin Fulks who dished the inside scoop to the rabidly partisan host.

Doing his part to promote the party line, Alex Thompson of Axios boosted Psaki’s chat with Team Biden on X.

Responses to his shilling for Psaki and Biden underscored how little credibility the media currently has in an era when it is despised and distrusted by tens of millions of Americans.

“Jen’s sharp wit and relatability combined with the mastery of the subjects she covers have made her a household name across the nation,” MSNBC President Rashida Jones said in May 2022, touting the hiring of Biden’s top spinmeister. “Her extensive experience in government and on the campaign trail and perspective as a White House and Washington insider is the type of analysis that sets MSNBC apart. She’s a familiar face and trusted authority to MSNBC viewers, and we look forward to her insight during this consequential election season.”

Chris Donaldson


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