White House presser ends in embarrassing Biden blunder, staff couldn’t rush reporters out fast enough

In what has become an embarrassingly familiar sight, President Joe Biden answered no questions as reporters were herded out of the room following a meeting with a bipartisan group of governors.

White House staff aggressively directed the press out of the room moments after Biden announced he would take questions following his meeting with the National Governors Association at the White House Monday.

The president spoke, mostly reading from notes, on multiple issues including COVID, crime and other policies before wrapping up with an invite to the gathered reporters, saying “why don’t I stop and take any questions you all might have.”

But very quickly, he reminded everyone that he is actually not in charge.

“And they tell me I’m supposed to call on Governor Cox first,” he said after a pause, as he referred to Utah’s Republican Gov. Spencer Cox.

Questions shouted out were left unanswered as the pool of reporters was unceremoniously ushered out of the room.

The familiar scene, which Biden is allowed to get away with by the obedient mainstream media, prompted Fox News host Harris Faulkner to remark at how “awkward” it was.

“So that was so awkward right then because, clearly, the president did not know that when you say, ‘Can I take any questions?’ all the media in the room might have a few,” she said.

Even CNN anchor Kate Bolduan could not ignore what just happened as cameras cut back to the studio.

“We’re going to continue to listen in, what happens there. You can see lots of reporters trying to ask questions. Not happening today,” she said. “We’ll continue to monitor that, and bring you the news when it comes in.”

Besides the expected backlash on social media over the Q&A fiasco, Twitter users also called out Biden’s reference to “they” telling him what to do.

An equally awkward scene unfolded after the president met with Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al-Thani, the emir of Qatar.

At the end of the meeting, reporters began to volley questions that were not answered by Biden. But the president did seem to have a reaction to the press being barked out of the room.

Frieda Powers


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