Will Cain tears into Biden, Dems for ‘standing on the graves of dead children’ to ‘pimp’ their agenda

President Joe Biden traveled to Florida over the weekend where he toured the area hit by a powerful hurricane and used the opportunity to push his extreme climate agenda, a shameless pitch that infuriated Fox News host Will Cain.

On “Fox & Friends Sunday” the topic came up about Biden’s remarks in which he blamed Hurricane Idalia on climate change, also taking a shot at skeptics who don’t unquestioningly swallow the doomsayers’ malarkey whom he accused of not being intelligent.

After rolling a clip of the geriatric climate fearmonger’s comments in Live Oak, Fla., Cain tore into Biden and his fellow Democrat ghouls who, like buzzards, regularly descend on areas where disasters have taken place to cynically push their political agenda.

(Video: Fox News)

“Now we can get into the stats,” Cain said. “We could actually talk about the effects of natural disasters, their frequency, and their severity and actually put it into historical context and give you actual intelligence on whether or not this is an increasing problem in the United States.”

“But that’s not the point that I think it’s important to make in this moment,” he continued, “is that I’m sick and tired of politicians standing on the graves of dead children in the case of schoolchildren, school shootings or natural disasters where towns are burnt to the ground or destroyed by a hurricane and using it as a moment to ghoul and pimp for their politics.”

“It’s beyond grotesque to land into a disaster zone where people have been destroyed and to say, you know what should be the solution here? You know what the problem is? You haven’t given me enough power. Your climate science no, your climate change Chicken Little has turned into a religion,” Cain added.

“It’s not to say there’s not science in some of these elements for us to discuss, but you’ve turned it into a religion. And you are the same people that can’t sound an alarm in Lahaina. And you’re asking us to give you the power and money to turn over to you the global thermostat,” he concluded. “I’m sorry but you don’t have the competency to run anything, much less to stand in these moments of destruction and say the real problem here is that you haven’t given me enough power.”

“Preach!” Pete Hegseth said, impressed with Cain’s sermon, and Rachel Campos-Duffy both applauded their fellow co-host.

Biden could soon be blaming climate change for the unexpected rainstorm that stranded 73,000 attendees of the annual Burning Man festival in the mud in the northwest Nevada desert.

“President Biden has been briefed on the situation at the Burning Man festival, according to a White House official…,” tweeted CNN’s Jim Acosta on Sunday afternoon.

“Nobody can deny the impact of climate crisis — at least nobody intelligent can deny the impact of the climate crisis anymore,” Biden said in Florida. “Just look around — around the nation and the world for that matter: historic floods, intense droughts, extreme heat, deadly wirefires — wildfires that have caused serious damage like we’ve never seen before.”

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