With midterms looming, Biden admin now defending two key Trump-era immigration policies in court

Get the latest BPR news ivered free to your inbox daily.SIGN UP HERE President Biden’s administration is defending two key Trump-era immigration policies involving pandemic-related border restrictions […]

Healthcare execs reportedly import 1,000 nursers a month to fill American jobs and cut costs

U.S. hospitals and staffing companies are bringing roughly 1,000 nurses a month from poor countries to combat healthcare shortages, rather than recruiting and training Americans to fill […]

Triple-vaxxed pharma exec who resigned explains why vaccine mandate ‘belies common sense’

Get the latest BPR news ivered free to your inbox daily.SIGN UP HERE   John Soriano, who resigned as a top executive from the pharmaceutical company Insmed […]

Progressives target five Dems in plans to primary dead weight hampering the reimagining of America

Progressives want to clear out the dead weight in their party, targeting five Democrats they say have been hampering their efforts, while they still control Congress, to […]

Chinese donations pour into University of Pennsylvania after it establishes Biden Center: Report

After the University of Pennsylvania established a “Biden Center” in 2017 and bestowed a professorship on the former Vice President, donations from Communist China tripled. The bombshell […]

Watters lays out game plan in inaugural show that vows to be different; shares some truly personal info

Get the latest BPR news ivered free to your inbox daily.SIGN UP HERE   Jesse Watters kicked off his maiden episode of “Jesse Watters Primetime,” and the […]

Marine pilot denied religious exemption warns mandate ‘detriment to national defense’ in troubling interview

Get the latest BPR news ivered free to your inbox daily.SIGN UP HERE   Amid all the saber-rattling over Ukraine, which now includes President Joe Biden placing […]

Trump’s TRUTH Social will take steps to ensure ‘family-friendly’ content, not to censor political debate

The highly anticipated TRUTH Social is on track to launch soon, and when it does, the Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG) social media platform will have […]

Feds suddenly cut Florida’s emergency antibody treatments ‘without a shred of clinical data’; DeSantis sounds off!

The Food and Drug Administration forced the shutdown of Florida’s monoclonal antibody treatment sites for COVID-19 after abruptly removing the treatments from the Emergency Use Authorizations. According […]

NJ restaurants scramble to backtrack on leaked memo requiring staff quota of 5 star Google reviews

Two chain restaurants in New Jersey went viral for all the wrong reasons after issuing a notice to employees that their continued service would be reliant on […]

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