Footage shows thousands of migrants from around the world flooding US: Border agents ‘feel like Uber drivers’

(Video: Fox News) While the corporate media largely continues its practice of turning a blind eye to the invasion on the southern border with Mexico, President Joe […]

Amazon’s chat app ‘Wickr Me’ a haven for child porn and creeps ‘who exploit children’: report

In a disturbing revelation, court documents show that an encrypted messaging app owned by Web Services called “Wickr Me” has become the platform of choice for […]

Calif. sheriff opens hate crime probe after group of men ‘storm’ Drag Queen Story Hour

The state of American culture today as influenced by progressive left ideology is such that drag queens dominate the news cycle… and not necessarily as one might […]

Major Sunday shows memory-hole Kavanaugh murder threat: ‘Truth is so hard for you liberal butt kissers!’

The silence over the assassination attempt of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was deafening Sunday, as ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN chose not to cover the shocking […]

‘Fox & Friends’ try to corner DeSantis on 2024 amid reports the ‘Top Guv’ has Trump’s attention

(Video: Fox News) It seems as if most of the country is chomping at the bit over a possible match-up between Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump for […]

Levin: Dems ‘dehumanizing’ and savage political tactics evoke ‘Stalin and other genocidal maniacs’

(Video: Fox News) Mark Levin accused Democrats of using tactics employed by “Stalin and the other genocidal maniacs” in their “dehumanizing” of Supreme Court Justices Brett Kavanaugh […]

GOP Rep says Pelosi ‘blocked’ all commonsense questions regarding J6, including the ‘biggest’ of all

(Video: Fox News) Rep. Byron Donalds (R-Fla.) accused House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) of blocking “the questions that make sense” about the events at the Capitol building […]

Best political cartoons: Cognitive tests for ALL of DC?

Cartoon of the day: In case you missed these:  

‘They’ve told us who they are – believe them!’ Richard Grenell sounds alarm on red flag deal

Former Acting Director of the United States National IntelligenceRichard Grenell to to on Sunday to respond to the breaking news that a bipartisan group of U.S. […]

Democrat Party offers their fragile base a Father’s Day ‘opt out’

The Democratic Party seems to thrive on the weakness the party helps facilitate with its radical left social justice agenda. In deference to its hypersensitive base, the […]

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