Uvalde city council sets up loophole citizen exposes that may boot chief of police from governing body

A woman who lives just two doors down from Robb Elementary School has discovered a loophole that would remove a city council member from his position. Pete […]

Photoshopped headline from The Atlantic about the ‘heroism’ of Biden’s bike fall goes viral

A fact-check of a recent headline revealed that the screenshot being shared on social media had been “fabricated.” Following the shocking fall President Joe Biden took from […]

John Roberts abortion compromise talk suggests ambitious quest for middle ground

With the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision impending, members of the left are beginning to fantasize about possible alternative outcomes. While the going theory, based on […]

Amid soaring crime, new policy limits when Chicago police are ‘allowed’ to chase suspects who run

Chicago police officers are no longer allowed to chase after criminal suspects in a variety of circumstances, thanks to a new policy enacted this week despite escalating […]

Daunte Wright family to receive $3.25M settlement that reportedly includes permanent memorial

Crime does indeed pay and pays handsomely when police officers are deemed imperfect in carrying out their daunting responsibilities while manning the front lines of the moral […]

Teens break into $8M Florida mansion to throw wild party, host boxing match

Teenagers aren’t famous for their decision-making skills, but one house party in Florida may go down as the dumbest thing one group of teens has ever done. […]

Zeldin zings Andrew Giuliani during debate, calls him the ‘Chick-fil-A runner’ of Trump’s WH

The New York gubernatorial race is heating up among the Republican hopefuls, and as Representative Lee Zeldin and Andrew Giuliani enter the home stretch, it’s do or […]

Not-too-busy Biden admin looks to add nicotine limits on cigarettes

One might think that President Biden has his hands full dealing with the growing number of crises his administration is facing — in large part because of […]

TIPP Poll: Even Democrats blame Biden for surging inflation

By TERRY JONES, TIPP Insights If there’s a topic uppermost on most people’s minds today, it is certainly the surge in inflation over the past year. Soaring […]

Biden to ask Congress to pass ‘gimmick’ 3-month gas tax holiday, calls on states to do the same

President Joe Biden is expected to call on Congress on Wednesday to suspend federal gas taxes through September in an effort to bring some relief to Americans […]

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