Justice Kagan faces backlash for apocalyptic warning following SCOTUS EPA ruling

Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan is facing scrutiny and mockery for warning in a dissent that “parts” of the United States could be “swallowed by the ocean” […]

Powell admits that fighting inflation could lead to recession

Max Keating, DCNF The Federal Reserve’s efforts to tamp down on inflation may lead to an economic recession, Fed Chair Jerome Powell admitted Wednesday. “Is there a […]

Mollie Hemingway roasts Liz Cheney for ‘Hillary Clinton-esque’ moment

Representative Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., is in the doghouse yet again for a segment of her speech that many believe was reminiscent of Hillary Clinton. Cheney, who was […]

‘We aren’t kidding’: Unapologetic Matt Gaetz confirms rep’s warning if Dems win the House

While many of the warnings issued by Democrats about Republicans winning the midterms could be filed under “Chicken Little says the sky is falling,” Representative Matt Gaetz, […]

Trump leads hypothetical presidential poll as Biden battles plummeting approval

As most of America los toward the midterms, some are taking a peek into what the 2024 presidential race may lo like. In a recent Emerson College […]

Joe Biden’s take on drunk driving swings back to hit him hard

As the southern border continues to be flooded with migrants, newfound attention is being directed at a viral clip from 2020 showing then-Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden […]

Schumer flips reality on its head to blast ‘fat cats’ who oppose canceling student loans

Democrats have grown so accustomed to having their way when it comes to the creative distortion of language that they no longer bother with facts. A recent […]

Canadian singer uses ‘Fox & Friends’ stage for a shout out to ‘all the women fighting for their rights!’

(Video: Fox News) In the spirit of Fox News host Laura Ingraham, who famously suggested that social justice warrior LeBron James “shut up and dribble,” why can’t […]

Bill Gates wins legal battle to buy huge swath of North Dakota farmland despite local outcry

A controversial land purchase in North Dakota by billionaire Bill Gates has reportedly been approved, despite concerns from farmers “across the state” that they’re being exploited by […]

Gutfeld expands on nefarious possibilities over stores letting customers keep their returns

(Video: Fox News) Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld expanded on all the nefarious possibilities that may result from retailers reportedly allowing customers to keep the items they are […]

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