Matteo: Hating America on its Birthday

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. Yesterday was Independence Day and normally it’s a day of celebration for Americans; however, in keeping […]

‘Vote Sen. Mack!’: Dem state senator from Rhode Island twerks upside down in bikini

The depravity that marks much of American culture is seeping into every aspect of our daily lives, to include our politics. Look no further than the state […]

Biden’s July 4th speech was missing something big; team does cleanup a few hours later

An Independence Day tainted with tragedy was only further marred by President Joe Biden whose initially dismissive passing remarks of the parade deaths outside Chicago were brought […]

TIPP poll: Will Americans ever trust the media again?

By TERRY JONES, TIPP Insights Each month, the I&I/TIPP Poll seeks to gauge how much the public trusts the media to do their jobs. And, as time […]

Independence Day: Our past, present and future

Chad Robichaux, DCNF On July 4, 1776, the American people revolted against a tyrannical empire that had long oppressed them. Through steadfast determination, Christian values and democratic […]

ESPN hates America on July 4th: Disgusting feature article written by woke columnist with ugly past

On a day when Americans of every background used to join together to celebrate the nation’s birthday, ESPN decided it was a perfect opportunity to drag America […]

McKenna: Democrats are hoping voters will forget all about the Biden admin’s missteps. Will it work?

Michael McKenna, DCNF Some Democrats are convinced that the Supreme Court’s ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which, as a practical matter that an important […]

Mass shooting suspect, quickly pegged as ‘pro-Trump right-wing nut job,’ is rapper named ‘Awake’

Investigations are still underway after a tragic shooting at an Independence Day celebration outside Chicago left six dead and more than two dozen wounded. But the reality […]

Nathan’s hot dog eating champ body-slams attacker with chokehold WHILE winning contest

Joey Chestnut is the man when it comes to putting away hotdogs, but who knew that he could win the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest for a […]

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