SPAM meat product is locked up at NYC store among high inflation-related thefts: ‘I’ve never seen that before!’

With inflation and crime spiraling out of control, a New York City store has taken to locking up even the cheapest of meats, including the all-American can […]

Trump apologized to Ted Cruz for jabbing his wife and dad in 2016 election run, Manafort claims

Some have speculated that the bid for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination could be as dramatic as the 2016 race whether or not former President Donald Trump […]

Christian soccer star Jaelene Daniels forced out of game for refusing to wear a Pride jersey

North Carolina Courage forced Christian soccer star Jaelene Daniels to sit out of its NWSL game against Washington Spirit on Friday for having the actual courage to […]

‘It’s an absurd argument’: Economists take apart one of Biden’s favorite talking points

Max Keating, DCNF The Biden administration’s oft-touted talking point that employment has boomed under the administration is misleading and instead simply a natural recovery from pandemic losses, […]

Biden’s head is in the clouds on energy policy and the American people are paying for it

Jason Isaac, DCNF It’s no secret that President Joe Biden has a bone to pick with the fossil fuel industry. Unfortunately, many Americans — including those who […]

China makes moves as Pelosi-Taiwan story takes a turn

Tensions in the Taiwan Strait have escalated ahead of a possible visit from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) with the start of live-fire naval exercises conducted by […]

Taylor Swift’s rep tries to explain away outrageous CO2 footprint as fans turn on celebs

Pop diva Taylor Swift, known for her commitment to all things trendy, virtuous, and environmentally friendly, is under fire after a new study from a sustainability marketing […]

Hochul declares ‘Disaster Emergency’ over monkeypox, but is political correctness to blame for its spread?

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul is facing criticism for declaring a state of “disaster emergency” over monkeypox despite it primarily affecting only one group of people. “After […]

‘But it’s your tweet’: Dem. Rep blames staff member for tweeting profanity, slur at random pro-2A user

If there is a list of things you should NEVER say as a politician on a public social media site, Rep. Chuy Garcia (D-Ill.) may have hit […]

Maher rips ‘grandpa’ Biden mindlessly ‘going along’ with woke Dems: ‘He doesn’t really understand it’

Liberal comedian Bill Maher accused President Joe Biden of acting like an all-accepting, all-forgiving grandfather when dealing with his party’s “we” wing. He made the remark while […]