Navarro drops truth bomb on Behar when she compares Iranian women’s oppression to America

The hosts of daytime talk show ‘The View” very rarely have serious disagreements when it comes to political topics. Even the “conservative” ladies are usually cowed into […]

Dem Senate candidate under fire for ties to union accused of pushing sexually explicit content to teens

As the Senate race in Ohio heats up, Democratic candidate Tim Ryan is taking his own heat for his ties to a teachers’ union that provided public […]

Climate nut purposely lights himself on fire in middle of tennis tourney, predicts people will be ‘traumatized’

A climate change protestor lit himself on fire while staging a bizarre protest at the Laver Cup tennis tournament. The man, a 20-year-old named Kai, to to […]

NYC ‘sex fiend’ accused of rape gets ‘sweetheart’ plea deal, terrorizes 5 more victims in twisted crime spree

The remarkable thing about defund the police Democrats and progressive pro-criminal prosecutors is that those who feel the brunt of these misguided policies continue to vote these […]

Labor IG says $46 BILLION stolen in ‘historic levels’ of pandemic unemployment benefit fraud

Ronald Reagan articulated better than most the ineptitude of the federal government, as he often talked about the nine most terrifying words in the English Language being, […]

‘No laughing in communism’: Conservatives dogpile author triggered by Stacey Abrams joke

It’s hard to be a comedian these days, and it’s even harder to make people laugh on . With everything being deemed offensive for one reason or […]

AOC cites ‘burdens of capitalism’ for declining US birth rates, says more immigration is the answer

The best sign that the bulk of the 4-5 million illegal immigrants who have invaded the southern border with Mexico during President Biden’s reign are NOT Caucasian […]

Adams slams GOP govs who ‘abdicated their moral duty’ as he announces new centers for migrants, not local homeless

Instead of demanding that President Joe Biden do his job and deport illegal aliens, New York City Mayor Eric Adams continues to trash-talk border state governors. The […]

Navy recruiter kills wife as she’s being interviewed by NCIS over domestic violence claims

The wife of a military recruiter who accused her husband of abuse was shot and killed in her home while she was being interviewed by Naval Criminal […]

Fed-up TX farmer records migrants rush his property, break into elderly parent’s home to evade border patrol

A Hispanic farmer who owns a 150-acre ranch that sits along the southern U.S. border in Texas is fed-up with illegal aliens rushing onto his property. So […]

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