Man arrested for alleged gay bar vandalism not homophobic villain the left was looking for

In their lustful pursuit of a narrative, it seems liberals never learn their lessons. Time after time, the left-leaning media and pundits on social media have tripped […]

Fmr acting AG doesn’t ‘have any reason to believe’ DOJ has the evidence to indict Trump

Former acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker doesn’t believe former President Donald Trump will be indicted, despite two Department of Justice (DOJ) investigations — both headed by veteran […]

Joy Behar reveals why she got the boot from ‘Good Morning America’ years ago

“The View” co-host Joy Behar revealed on air Wednesday that she had been previously fired by “Good Morning America” for being the worst receptionist they reportedly ever […]

Juan Williams defends calls for ‘assault weapons’ ban: ‘The American people agree with Biden on this one’

One of Fox News’ resident liberals, Juan Williams, has ivered a full-throated defense of President Joe Biden’s call for all so-called “assault weapons” to be banned. Speaking […]

How ‘Melrose Place’ star Jillian Barberie battled cancer, addiction and how Heather Locklear helped

After battling breast cancer and addiction, television host and actress Jillian Barberie recently spe about traumas she has been through, the help she got from fellow star […]

Woman who gave birth in McDonald’s bathroom gives her baby an appropriate nickname

A McDonald’s ivery was made to order early Wednesday morning when expectant mother Alandria Worthy stopped to use a restroom on her way to an Atlanta-area hospital. […]

CNN analyst says ban on men under 25 owning firearms ‘will limit the number of mass killings’

In yet another knee-jerk grab for the Constitution, CNN National Security Analyst Juliette Kayyem is calling for the ban of modern-sporting rifles for young men under the […]

Disney’s first woke feature-length cartoon with ‘queer teen lead’ bombs at box office open

Moviegoers have sent a message to Disney by choosing to pass on the “we” entertainment colossus’s latest feature-length serving of far-left propaganda, “Strange World” which bombed at […]

Federal Home Loan Banks are ‘homewashing’ right under our noses, says fmr FHLB independent director

Ever heard of Federal Home Loan Banks? They’re government-sponsored (funded) banks that “support mortgage lending and related community investment.” In other words, the federal government gives FHLBs […]

Amazon workers stage Black Friday strike across 40 countries protesting pay and working conditions

Thousands of warehouse workers across the globe staged a massive strike on Black Friday that was organized by the group “Make Pay,” demanding better pay […]

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