Harris Faulkner shares emotional reaction the moment she learns her book is a NY Times bestseller

Fox News host Harris Faulkner d her “number one” reason to be thankful on Thanksgiving after expectations for a mundane update from work led her to exclaim […]

Daylight savings time is racist? CNN opens itself up to mockery

The mainstream media has had a perennial reputation of addressing any subject and making the claim that people of color are the “hardest hit.” CNN has consistently […]

Family of woman charged with smothering baby while breastfeeding says she does not deserve jail

The family and friends of a California woman who’s been charged with murdering her 8-month-old infant are now begging for help in the form of donations on […]

Joe and Hunter Biden do Black Friday shopping in Nantucket

Mounting scandals did not prevent President Joe Biden and his son Hunter from enjoying a family outing on Black Friday, shopping carefree in Nantucket despite House Republicans […]

MSNBC health columnist sparks outrage, suggests moving Christmas to summer, cancel Thanksgiving

Spats among family are a common occurrence at Thanksgiving dinners, but they are nothing compared to the fam when they are told by a so-called “expert,” […]

Man missing from Carnival cruise ship rescued in ‘Thanksgiving miracle’ after day of treading water

A Thanksgiving tragedy was averted when a man reported being missing from the cruise ship Carnival Valor was rescued by the U.S. Coast Guard. The ship, which […]

My Pillow’s Mike Lindell drafted to challenge Ronna McDaniel for RNC chair, ‘God willing’

Assessing the results of the midterm elections, conservatives have found fault in leadership for failing to fully manifest the big red wave and, as challengers have cropped […]

TIPP: Biden’s lackluster foreign policy weakens America

By TIPP EDITORIAL BOARD, TIPP Insights For generations, Congress has funded the Pentagon on a basic premise: American forces should have the resources to fight and win […]

Best political cartoons: Happy B-day, Sparky

Cartoons of the day In case you missed it

EU enraged with Biden, accuses US of PROFITEERING on the Ukraine war

European Union officials are reportedly enraged with the Biden administration over the way it’s profiting from the war in Ukraine at the expense of everybody else. “The […]

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