‘Brushed entire family under carpet’: Half-siblings blast Meghan Markle over Netflix docuseries

If the Duke and Dutchess of Sussex thought a Netflix documentary would somehow lessen the drama in their lives, they were sorely — some might say, stupidly […]

Keith Olbermann gets leveled after engaging with right-wing Twitter: ‘Your life is your punishment’

Left-wing zealot Keith Olbermann went to war against right-wing on Saturday, and he lost — bigly so. The war started a day earlier when conservative commentator […]

‘You mad bro?’ Alexander Vindman calls down the thunder when he compares Elon Musk to Goebbels

Retired Army Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman may not be the first person to compare billionaire Elon Musk to a Nazi and he likely won’t be the last, […]

Pompeo slams Biden’s lopsided Brittney Griner swap, questions wisdom of trading ‘bad guys for celebrities’

For the most part, the Sunday morning talk shows were overflowing with the usual pro-Biden slop when it came to the president’s decision to iver a big […]

More lies? Former CEO Jack Dorsey testified under oath that Twitter does not shadow-ban Republicans

Amid the considerable fallout from the “ Files,” which have thus far proven beyond question that the social media platform colluded with Democrats and the FBI to […]

California program giving ‘pregnant people’ who are black up to $1,000 a month going statewide

Already under fire for its blatant racism, California is now doubling down on a universal basic income (UBI) program designed for just pregnant black women. Launched in […]

Shaken R&B singer Patti LaBelle, 78, rushed off stage after ‘bomb threat’ at Milwaukee concert

Reports of an alleged bomb threat left Milwaukee concert-goers stunned the moment iconic singer Patti LaBelle was reluctantly rushed off stage: “Hold up. Wait!” The American R&B […]

James Carville says most critics of bad trade freeing Brittney Griner are racist, pro-Putin homophobes

Republican criticism of President Joe Biden’s lopsided swap of women’s basketball star Brittney Griner for notorious arms dealer Viktor Bout aka the “Merchant of Death” while leaving […]

‘Ballsy’: Hunter Biden chats up GOP leader Kevin McCarthy’s mother at last week’s state dinner

During President Joe Biden’s first state dinner earlier this month, his youngest son, Hunter, reportedly approached his potential future inquisitor, incoming House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, and sparked […]

‘A complete mess’: NBC caves to White House spin, issues correction on Brittney Griner swap story

NBC almost behaved like actual journalists. Almost, but not quite. When the Biden administration agreed to swap WNBA star Brittney Griner for the “Merchant of Death,” Viktor […]

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