‘Absolute madness’: Real estate developer says he’s done with Portland after bullet holes riddle office

Real estate developer Dustin Michael Miller, who has lived in Portland, Oregon his whole life, is calling it quits after he discovered the window behind where he […]

‘He’s gone’: Joe Rogan says he’d vote Trump over Biden, slams his cabinet as ‘sideshow of diversity’

Joe Rogan says he’d vote for Donald Trump before he’d vote for Joe Biden in 2024 because Biden is cognitively “gone.” Rogan d with Russell Brand on […]

Ex-CNN chief Jeff Zucker considered lab leak theory a ‘Trump talking point’, ordered staff to steer clear

The propagandists’ mantra to “trust the experts” was caught in the throes of a long overdue reality check after a report on the COVID lab leak theory […]

Suspected illegal immigrants accused of shooting bald eagle – locals ‘quite upset’, but feds don’t seem to care

It’s bad enough that illegal immigrants all but mock U.S. laws as they enter the country practically at will under the Biden administration, but two Honduran nationals […]

Massachusetts leftists demand state flag, seal be changed over ‘white supremacy culture’ in new resolution

Leftist residents in Newburyport, Massachusetts are demanding that the City Council replace the state flag and seal with something progressive because they are offended by it […]

‘My goodness, Eric’s a lucky man!’ Lara Trump struts down catwalk in slinky blue corset for dog rescue

Just hours after ivering a sobering speech CPAC, Lara Trump ditched her conservative lo and lit Mar-a-Lago on fire with a jaw-dropping runway strut in a slinky […]

‘I was terrified’: Southwest flight makes emergency landing, explosion-like boom as engine catches fire after bird strike

Southwest Airs Flight 3923 had just departed Havana, Cuba on Sunday for Florida when it evidently struck birds, causing an explosion-like boom as one of the engines […]

Female border patrol agent violently assaulted by illegal immigrant

The agenda-driven media is predictable in how much energy, if any, it will expend on stories and the report of a female border patrol agent being violently […]

CNN panel frets over Trump’s message of ‘retribution’ and his chances of winning GOP nomination

Former President Donald Trump’s speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) evidently set leftists on edge as a message of hope and “retribution” led to the […]

USA Powerlifting forced to allow biological males to compete against females following court order

Women will now be forced to compete against gender dysphoria-suffering men after a Minnesota judge ruled against USA Powerlifting (USAPL) in favor of pseudoscience and progressive legislation. […]

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